Final Mile: A Pickup and Delivery Mobile App

Nov 28, 2016 | Education

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest mobile app, Final Mile. Final Mile gives users all the tools they need to efficiently complete pickup and delivery tasks while giving their customers automatic updates in real-time. The app is integrated with Magaya, giving all stakeholders visibility into pickup and delivery.

Features and Benefits:

  • View maps, routes, tasks, and package details
  • Scan package bar codes with Bluetooth scanners or use the camera on the smartphone
  • Get signatures right on the phone screen – no stylus pen needed!
  • Integration with map applications for turn-by-turn navigation and best route options
  • Your customers see updates online in real-time
  • Your Magaya system is updated automatically with pickup and delivery details

Tutorial Video:

Learn how to set up users and create tasks on the Final Mile app from your Magaya system. In this video, you will also get to see the app in action.