Most consumers would be completely awestruck to learn about the complexities involved with getting their imported goods from the factory or farm to their home. There are so many moving parts to the import process. From the many regulations to the related documentation, it takes masterful orchestration to ensure a seamless and efficient process. Magaya has the solutions you need to generate, manage, and share all required import documents to ensure your customers’ shipments can be received in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

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Delight Your Customers and Grow Your Business With the Digital Freight Portal

The era of doing business by phone and email is over. Your digitally-savvy customers want the convenience, speed, and control of being able to interact with you online.

The Magaya Digital Freight Portal gets you quickly established as a digital freight forwarder with everything from schedules to quotes, bookings, and reporting in a branded web portal that will set your business apart from the rest.

Efficient Import Management Starts With the Purchase Order

As the entry point for shipments into inventory, POs (Purchase Orders) ultimately impact the productivity of your entire operation. Magaya Supply Chain streamlines, automates, and optimizes the Purchase Order workflow, ensuring that you start the import process on the right foot. By digitizing and normalizing your shipment data from the start, you can benefit from more automation, time-savings, and error prevention.


Digital Quoting is Essential for Profitable Import Operations

Magaya Rate Management gives you greater control of your freight rate quotes, data, and processes, saving you time. Search and compare your entire rate set in an instant, plus manage margins, surcharges, and spot rates, as well as file tariffs, respond to RFQs, and quote to your customers – all from a single control tower.

A Suite of Compliance Tools That Checks all the Right Regulatory Boxes

From full ACE-certified ABI compliance with Magaya Customs Compliance to all the required customs documents including eAWB, ISF, AMS. and more, Magaya has a suite of customs filing software solutions to ensure full compliance is achieved with ease and efficiency.

The Magaya Network is Your Key to a World of Logistics Partners

As a freight forwarder, so much of your work depends on exchanging data with other people and businesses. Accelerate your import workflow with the Magaya Network, a global community of over 1,900 supply chain companies situated across more than 75 countries. Instantly exchange documents and data with partners, agencies, and agents, benefitting from a more efficient, secure, and streamlined way to manage the import process.

Magaya Network Animation Showing Import/Export Data Transmission from Origin to Destination in an Instant

Magaya Import Management Software Features

  • Digital Freight Platform
  • Purchase Order Management
  • PO to Shipment(s)
  • Quote, Bookings, and Shipment Management
  • Shipment Visibility and Tracking
  • Container Tracking
  • Booking Requests and Shipping Instructions via INTTRA
  • New Importer Field on Shipment’s Entities Tab
  • ISF, Ocean, and Air AMS
  • AMS Query
  • Full ACE ABI Compliance
  • Shipment Transfer From Origin Database via Magaya Network
  • Shipment Reception
  • Full WMS to Manage Receiving, Photos, Release
  • FIRMS Codes for Delivery Order, 7512 and 7501 Filings
  • IT Fields for Shipment
  • CSV Import of Ports
  • Shipment General Tab fields: Release Type, G.O. Date & Customer Reference
  • Shipment Liquidation in One Click
  • Last Mile Deliveries
  • Online Payments via LiveTrack
  • Accounting Integration with QuickBooks Online
  • Report Scheduler
  • Full PnL by Operations and Other Profitability Reports Built-In
  • … and Much More!

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