Freight Forwarding
All the tools you need to run your freight forwarding business efficiently, helping you deliver the fast, expert customer service that sets you up for long-term success.

As a freight forwarder, you provide an important service by helping retail, wholesale, and other businesses move cargo across the supply chain. As the global economy continues to expand and e-commerce grows, there is a great need for fast, efficient, and cost-effective transportation services to move goods from shippers to their final destination.

Magaya freight management software gives you the tools you need to run your business efficiently, helping you deliver the fast, expert customer service that sets you up for long-term success.

Adaptable to a variety of freight forwarding workflows, Magaya has the tools you need, whether you focus on imports, exports, domestic, or a mix.

Freight Forwarding Software for Import Operations

Generate, manage, and share all required import documents to ensure your customers’ shipments can be received in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.


Freight Forwarding Software for Export Operations

A complete suite of logistics tools designed to support efficiency throughout the export process, from the initial quote all the way to the last mile.


Magaya Supply Chain is the First Choice for Freight Forwarders

With more than 20 years of supply chain industry experience, Magaya understands the needs of logistics companies that offer freight management, transportation management, freight brokerage, and freight forwarding services. From managing day-to-day operations to digitizing and streamlining cumbersome bureaucratic business processes, Magaya has the tools and technology you need to grow your business.

A Leader in the G2 Grid for Freight Management, Magaya Supply Chain gives you the visibility and control you need. What Magaya, you have the power to streamline the receipt, storage, and delivery of cargo at critical junctures in the supply chain. Cross-border freight forwarders also use the ocean freight software or air freight software to file critical customs documents, air waybills, and bills of lading, making these processes so much faster and more efficient.

Don’t Let a Legacy Freight Forwarding System Hold You Back

These days, every modern freight forwarding company, freight broker, and NVOCC requires the right software solutions to respond to today’s increasing expectations and demands for visibility and self-service customer service features. The cost of doing nothing is too great. Legacy logistics software systems are lacking in the modern automation and integration features freight forwarders need. Without the right functionality, it’s impossible to up their customer experience while still keeping the bottom line in check.

As a freight forwarder, you know how many systems you need to connect with to get a shipment to its destination. From customs agencies to various agents, disparate data sources often require duplicate manual data entry that slows everything down and kills your productivity. What’s more, maintaining an obsolete or homegrown freight management system is a waste of precious resources that does nothing to advance your business.

Modernize your business with the features you need to grow and achieve your goals. Magaya Supply Chain and the Magaya extensions will give you everything you need to delight your customers and prepare for a bright road ahead.

A Cloud Freight Software Solution You Can Trust

Magaya Supply Chain is an end-to-end freight operations platform that delivers the single source of truth needed to run your business effectively. The solution is highly configurable to meet your unique needs and to scale with you as you grow.

When hosted in the Cloud, you gain the added benefits of hands-off maintenance, freeing you from IT tasks and giving you the time to focus on your core business. What’s more, Magaya Cloud gets you started quickly with a low upfront investment and offers enhanced security capabilities to protect you from unwanted risk.

Magaya LiveTrack: The Tracking and Visibility App Your Customers Will Love!

Automate your customer service and increase operational efficiency, providing the visibility and tracking your customers want from the convenience of a web portal or mobile app. LiveTrack lets you and your customers get push notifications and see real-time information for shipments alongside any documents attached to it including the air waybill, cargo manifest, and more.

Customers can see the status of their pickup orders, warehouse receipts, cargo releases, shipments, and more from a mobile device without needing to place calls to your customer service line, making LiveTrack a win-win solution for you and your customers.

LiveTrack Tracking Software for Freight Forwarding - Magaya LiveTrack Examples on Mobile Phones

Accelerate Your Workflow With the Magaya Network

When you become a Magaya customer, you gain instant access to a global community of over 1,700 supply chain companies situated across more than 75 countries. On the Magaya Network, you can instantly exchange documents and data with your partners that already use Magaya, benefitting from a more efficient, secure, and streamlined way to do business.

Magaya Network Animation Showing Import/Export Data Transmission from Origin to Destination in an Instant

Efficient Freight Forwarding Operations Start With a Well-Managed Purchase Order

The volume and variety of data that purchase orders (POs) contain create lots of opportunities for errors to slip in. As the documented entry point for goods into your inventory, POs ultimately impact the productivity of your entire operation. So, it’s important to get them just right!

Magaya Supply Chain streamlines, automates, and optimizes the entire Purchase Order process for logistics services providers, freight forwarders, and wholesalers.

PO Management Screen on a laptop

Magaya Freight Management Software Features

  • Freight Charges, Quotes and Rate Management
  • Freight Bookings
  • Shipments:
    • Export, Import, or Domestic
    • Ocean Freight
    • Air Freight
    • Ground Freight
    • Consolidations, Straights, LCL or FCL
  • Customs Compliance and Documentation
  • Automated Dimensioning, Weighing, and Photographing Cargo
  • Visibility and Tracking Information for Customers
  • Delivery and Storage Prices Included
    U.S. Customs for Import & Export Shipments
  • Canada eManifest, Panama Colon DMCE, Mexico ValidaCarga
  • Container Tracking
  • Local Pick-ups and Last Mile Deliveries
  • Billing, Invoicing, and Accounting with Out-of-the-Box Financial Reports
  • Customizable Documents
  • Warehousing with full WMS
  • Freight Rates
  • …and Many More!

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