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A modern, data-driven platform to optimize every step of your logistics operations from origin to destination.

Flow WMS

Flow WMS is here! Discover a new era in mobile warehouse productivity.

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From filings and forms to tracking and customer service, automation frees you from bureaucratic busywork. You’ll reach new heights in productivity and avoid the errors that can slip in with manual data entry.

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Expectations for shipping speed are higher than ever. Accelerate all your workflows with better data visibility, more collaboration, and the technology you need to be hyper-productive.

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Streamline and optimize your processes across the entire origin-to-destination supply chain. You’ll build a loyal customer base and a strong foundation for sustainable growth.

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The Magaya Ecosystem, consisting of Magaya Supply Chain, ACELYNK ABI, and Catapult QMS, delivers flexible, interoperable, modular, cloud-based solutions that can be used together as an integrated logistics software platform or independently with your existing solution suite. You choose what works best for your business!

Freight Forwarding & Warehouse Management

Spend less time in your inbox, on the phone, and dealing with bureaucratic clutter. Combined with its collection of extensions, Magaya Supply Chain is a modern, cloud-based logistics software platform for shipping and warehouse operations, tracking, connectivity, accounting, and compliance. You’ll save time, work more collaboratively, and automate manual processes, giving you the rapid return on investment you need to grow your business.


Freight Forwarding & Warehouse Management
Customs Compliance

Customs Compliance

Manual filing and follow-up processes allow mistakes to slip in, causing delays and fines for non-compliance, putting your operations at risk. ACELYNK ABI by Magaya is the ACE-certified ABI solution you need for optimal compliance operations. Customs brokers, FTZ and CFS operators, and self-filers will enjoy advanced features with an intuitive interface, enabling automation, efficiency, and increased compliance with ease. Integrates with Magaya Supply Chain or with the logistics system of your choice.


Rate Management

The ship has sailed on getting rates by email, phone, or disparate web portals. Catapult QMS by Magaya puts the data you need at your fingertips, allowing you to manage quotes and rates from a central control tower. The interface emulates real-life business scenarios delivering critical information and data points in a practical way, making the solution intuitive, detailed, and customizable. Integrates with Magaya Supply Chain or with the logistics system of your choice.


Rate Management
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AMCAR Iamprecht Magaya Customer Logo
AMCAR Iamprecht Magaya Customer Logo
AMCAR Iamprecht Magaya Customer Logo
AMCAR Iamprecht Magaya Customer Logo

It’s Easier Than You Think to Go Digital
(and More Important Than Ever)

Magaya automates the many tedious, repetitive manual tasks that slow down shipments, waste your time (and your customers’), cost money, and allow errors to slip in.  Simply put, it’s the software that will give you hours back in your day, grow your profit margins, and delight your customers – all in one platform.

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Magaya Supply Chain achieved the Leader ranking on the G2 Summer 2021 Grid® Report for Freight Management by receiving positive reviews from verified users, with 9 out of 10 customers likely to recommend Magaya. Our customers love us! If you’re looking for logistics software that you’ll really love working with, let’s talk.

Magaya is a Leader in WMS logistics software
G2 Momentum Leader
G2 High Performer de Magaya como empresa con desempeño excelente en software WMS de la cadena de suministro,
Easiest software to use G2
G2 Users Love Us, la mayor satisfacción del cliente en software de logística

“Magaya is the ideal logistics technology solution for ICL, giving us the control, visibility, automation, and data we need to operate at the highest levels of efficiency.”

Orna Wachtel
VP of North American Operations


“Magaya LiveTrack is one of our key ingredients to success at WP(JA). Not only do our customers love the always-on visibility they gain from the mobile app, but it also has saved my team endless hours fielding customer service inquiries. It’s truly a win-win solution for all.”

Carter Gordon


«Magaya has the technology we need to automate key processes, boost warehouse productivity, and improve the customer experience, setting us up for long-term growth and success.”

Isabel Gonzalez
Miami Branch Manager 

TalaTrans Worldwide

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