How to Identify Items in the Warehouse

Apr 30, 2015 | Education


Items in the warehouse can be identified in different ways: by their part number, serial number, Magaya receiving label with a Magaya tracking number, the pallet ID label, or by the Magaya shipping label. This article will explain how to identify items in each of these ways.

ID by Part Number

The part number is usually the manufacturer’s identification number that is on the box when the items arrive at your warehouse. It is not necessary to print labels for these boxes because they have a part number label on them already.

When the items arrive, scan the part number and store the item in a location. Scan the location to record it in your Magaya database.

This method is often used when it is necessary to keep items by part number in order to know how many of a certain part number is in stock.

To create part numbers, go to the Warehousing folder in Magaya Explorer and click on Inventory Item Definitions.

Magaya find by serial number