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NVOCC Software Solutions For Importers And Exporters From Magaya

Create Ocean Bookings with the Cargo System for faster shipment processing

How the Magaya Cargo System Helps You

Book containers, FCL and LCL on Ocean Carriers; Exchange Shipping Instructions; Give your customers real-time updates of their cargo shipments; Quickly Generate the BIll of Lading and many shipping documents.

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Manage the entire process of exporting and importing cargo. Create shipments and generate documents such as international and domestic Air Waybills. Watch video demos on how it supports export and import operations.


What does the Magaya Cargo System do?

The Cargo System is a logistics software designed for international freight forwarders, NVOCCs, consolidators and forwarding agents, couriers, warehouse providers, and cargo airlines who require a complete and accurate warehouse management system combined with a fully-integrated accounting system. The user-friendly interface with interactive screens reduces the amount of work for the user.
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SOLAS VGM Compliant

Send eVGM from Inside Magaya

Verifying the gross mass of shipping containers is required by the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) amendment. Magaya gives you the ability to send the VGM electronically to ocean carriers with the Ocean Carriers Interface Plug-in.
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North Atlantic Ocean Shipping and Car Transport Case Study

End-to-End Auto Transport | Exporting Vehicles to Central America

Getting cars from the United States to Central America is the specialty of North Atlantic Ocean Shipping and Car Transport. Based in Delaware, they handle end-to-end shipping of all types of vehicles from anywhere in the U.S. See how they track hundreds of vehicles per week in their Magaya Cargo System.
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All Magaya's solutions are also available in the Cloud for those who don’t want to spend their hard earned money on infrastructure.



The Magaya Network is the communication infrastructure that all Magaya products are built on. It enables real-time tracking, B2B communications, and is the foundation of the Magaya Community.



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Plug-Ins that help NVOCC:

Ocean Carriers Interface (INTRA)

With this plug-in, your Magaya system can communicate electronically with worldwide ocean carriers. Make booking requests and receive confirmations and the Bill of Lading. Send shipping instructions directly to the carrier. Track each container.

LiveTrack Customer Portal

Give your customers online access to Pickup Orders, Warehouse Receipts, Cargo Releases, Shipments, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Jobs, and Invoices at their convenience, 24 hours a day, with LiveTrack.

Bar Coding

Validate a packing list, load items or scan part numbers when you receive inventory. The Bar Coding Plug-In works with a barcode scanner connected directly to the PC using a USB or a PS/2 port

VIN Decoder

The VIN Decoder plug-in is designed for shipping cars and exporting all types of vehicles. This plug-in accurately gathers all the information about the vehicles being shipped and speeds up the processing of the vehicle data that is required for exports. The data is automatically transferred to your Magaya system.


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