Magaya CRM

Put your customer data in the spotlight with Magaya CRM. Integrated with Magaya Supply Chain, this time-saving solution eliminates redundancies and fosters collaboration across sales and operations teams with greater visibility, streamlined processes, and built-in business intelligence. 

Magaya CRM
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A single system of record for customer data ensures that all stakeholders — from sales through operations to finance — have access to the same up-to-date, accurate information.


Productivity-Boosting Logistics Software

Data-Driven Decisions

Sales can qualify, measure, and rank leads, then capture critical deal and opportunity information to improve forecast accuracy, helping you sell more.

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Boosts Visibility

Get the full picture of your customer lifecycle and the sales team’s performance to identify opportunities for growth.

Streamlines Operations

Streamlines Quoting Operations

Save time and eliminate redundancies by automatically creating an account/opportunity once the quote is complete. Quotes and accounts created in Magaya are synchronized with the CRM.


Proactive Lead and Opportunity Management

Leads can be created in the CRM or directly from quotes in Magaya Supply Chain. You can configure lead alerts for qualification.

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Built-In Business Intelligence

Flexible business intelligence reporting and analytics to make data-driven decisions based on company initiatives.

CRM Designed for the Unique Needs of Freight Forwarders

Designed for the unique customer and sales process management needs of freight forwarders, Magaya CRM empowers sales teams to be more efficient and sell more, provides sales management with visibility across the sales team’s efforts, and gives operational management a view of pipeline health. You can manage leads, contacts, and accounts, all in a single platform alongside related quotes, customer interactions, and more, eliminating silos and fostering effective collaboration and communication across teams. You can even grow your business through the marketing campaign management function.

Accurate Customer Data is Essential

Entering and updating customer details, quotes, and contracts across multiple systems is a major time-waster and common cause of errors.

With a single system or record that all teams can use, from sales through logistics operations to finance, providing centralized access to the same accurate, up-to-date information to ensure quality customer care and that no lead gets left unattended.


  • KPI Reporting & Dashboards
  • Customer and Prospect Management
  • Customer Touch Point Tracking
  • Quote History & Automation
  • Prospect vs. Customer Quoting Workflow
  • Team Collaboration Functionality
  • Pipeline Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Campaign Management with Mass Mailing Integration
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Lead Analytics