We’re better together.

The Magaya Network is a global community of over 2000 supply chain companies situated across more than 84 countries. When you become a Magaya customer,  you gain access to thousands of potential business partners worldwide. You’ll be able to instantly exchange documents and data with your partners that already use Magaya, benefitting from a more efficient, secure, and streamlined way to do business.

The Driving Force Behind the World’s Best Logistics Businesses

Magaya is an end-to-end logistics platform for supply chain operations, accounting, tracking, connectivity, and compliance. Simplifying complex processes is what we do best at Magaya. With unmatched feature depth, the Magaya Supply Chain solution enables users to work more collaboratively, cohesively, and efficiently. 


One Version
of the Truth

One system of record, one version of the truth. Magaya eliminates data silos, streamlines operations, and reduces errors with a complete end-to-end logistics and supply chain platform.

real-time visibility


Better visibility lets you make data-driven decisions that drive efficiency, agility, better inventory tracking, and more precise shipping estimates, giving you a competitive advantage.

easier rate management

Fast Time
to Value

As a single platform, the system is faster to implement, quicker to learn, and leaner to operate, providing faster time to value and greater ROI over time.

connect with over 100 sealines

and Extensible

The flexible platform allows you to use the modules you need to automate and optimize your business with the ability to use more functionality as your business grows.

Accelerate Your Workflow With the Magaya Network

The Magaya Network is a secure built-in communication and networking platform that enables users to exchange information instantly between various stakeholders that interact with your business, from agents to customs agencies, customers, couriers, and other partners.