Grow your business and equip your customers with the ultimate technology to drive their growth by partnering with Magaya, the leading platform in logistics and supply chain automation.

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At Magaya, we are devoted to helping companies – both our customers and partners – succeed and grow with our innovative logistics software solutions. Seamlessly aligning the complexities of shipping and receiving, freight rates, import/export operations, warehousing, inventory management, purchasing, accounting, and connectivity, Magaya offers the flexibility of interoperable, modular solutions that can be used independently or together as an integrated logistics software platform.

The Magaya Partner Ecosystem is a diverse, accessible, and inclusive program welcoming partners of different types and sizes of businesses from all around the world. Whether you are a technology provider yourself, a reseller, or a service provider, there’s a place for you in the Magaya Partner Ecosystem.

diversify and grow sales channels

Extend Your Reach

With over 2,300 leading 3PLs, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, and other logistics services providers around the world trusting Magaya to power their businesses, you can extend your reach to new geographies, businesses, and industries.

easier rate management

Diversify Your Revenue Streams

By partnering with Magaya, you open up a whole new revenue stream, helping you grow, giving you more financial stability, and building your resilience in the face of a rapidly-changing economy.


Partner with a Leader

As a Magaya Partner, we’ll show you how to excel in the integration, sale, implementation, and support of our solutions with custom marketing and sales tools, tailored product and process training, and ongoing executive support.

Reseller Partners

Broaden your reach by aligning with Magaya and help your customers go further. As a Magaya reseller, you benefit from a full range of marketing and sales tools, training, and dedicated support.

Technology Partners

Broaden the reach of your solutions by partnering with Magaya. Benefit from added value for your customers plus reach thousands of new prospective clients using Magaya solutions.

Referral Partners

As a referral partner, you have the opportunity to earn commissions while Magaya takes on the work of selling, implementing, and servicing the companies you refer.

Services Partners

If you’re in the business of helping companies make the most of technology through implementation, project management, and other consulting services, then we should explore our synergies.



Africa ITC

Africa ITC is a trusted partner in the dynamic world of logistics and IT services, with a particular focus on ports, terminals, transport, and freight forwarding. Africa ITC specializes in offering comprehensive solutions that streamline and optimize your business, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness.



<cargonerds> is a software development company specialized in the field of global freight forwarding. As a strategic value-added reseller (VAR), <cargonerds> is offering Magaya Digital Freight Portal and Magaya Rate Management as part of their product suite, which uniquely combine instant quoting, booking, schedules, rate management, and a custom-branded customer portal, reducing the barrier of entry for traditional freight forwarders to digitize operations.



EightyDays provides sales, implementation, and support for Magaya solutions including Magaya Supply Chain, Magaya Digital Freight Portal, Magaya Rate Management, and Magaya CRM to logistics service providers across Australia and New Zealand.


Lading Corporation

Lading Corporation is a leading provider of comprehensive consulting and helpdesk services to logistics software providers and freight forwarding companies worldwide. Combining industry experience and operational know-how with both leading and innovative logistics technology solutions, Lading handles everything logistics service providers need to improve their processes, and their bottom-line.



Based in Laredo, Texas and Northern Mexico, Panacea works with logistics service providers located on the US – Mexico border, including freight forwarders, US and Mexican customs brokers, truck brokers, and asset-based trucking companies. Made up of leading specialists in information technology and logistics, Panacea is an ally of strategies and technological solutions through consulting, implementation, integration, and development of competitive and cutting-edge projects. They work as a team with businesses and information technology leaders to reach the goal faster and with less cost, guaranteeing a competitive advantage. 

Sicon CRM Logo

Sicon CRM

For 25 years, SICON CRM has been providing consulting services to diverse businesses across Canada, the US, and the Caribbean. Its experienced team of professionals, including consultants, trainers, programmers, and network engineers, deliver everything needed for a successful software implementation. SICON CRM resells and implements Magaya solutions including Magaya Supply Chain with its built-in WMS, Magaya Digital Freight Portal, Magaya CRM, Magaya Rate Management, and others.



Tsol is a Mexico-based consulting firm and logistics technology provider that has a strategic partnership with Magaya to distribute its solutions and increase the Magaya footprint in Latin America.

As a Value Added Reseller, Tsol sells and implements Magaya enterprise management, logistics, rate management, and customs compliance solutions to Mexican freight forwarders, third party logistics providers, customs brokers, and other local logistics services providers.




With CANdata, customers can submit the Canadian eManifest from Magaya Supply Chain to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) eManifest Portal using an API from CANdata. The eManifest is fully integrated with the CBSA portal, so data is easily transferred, eliminating manual data entry and increasing the speed of transfer while reducing the risk of errors made.



Launched in 2019, CargoAi is on a mission to bring the best available technologies to airfreight. Cloud native and with an API-first architecture, the company is closing the technology gap and driving the enablement of an efficient and connected airfreight ecosystem. The integration of the CargoAi platform with Magaya Rate Management provides an efficient solution for Magaya customers to retrieve and compare airfreight schedules, availability, and pricing, as well as book and track shipments, without the need to navigate between multiple airline websites or making myriad phone calls.


chain io

The supply chain integration platform represents a new approach to an age-old supply chain question. “How do we make all of these systems and people work together?” Its cloud-based platform solves these problems using an open application programming interface (API), developer friendly tools, an expertly developed data model, and event driven behaviors to make connecting and coordinating systems and people easier than ever before. The platform uses complex, next generation technologies like data graphs and Artificial Intelligence – without all of the heavy lifting involved in most supply chain integration projects.

Prompt Global

Prompt Global

Turn complex supply chain problems into your competitive edge. Our solutions are designed to enhance your existing tech stack, helping you get more out of your systems and reducing the friction that comes with change. You will connect your supply chain in ways previously unseen, allowing you to simultaneously build resiliency and make better decisions through data clarity.

chain io


All businesses want to do is pay vendors, suppliers, and contractors anywhere, at anytime, with ease. Legacy financial systems and old technologies make this dream nearly impossible. Veem makes it a reality. Businesses of any size enjoy simple, secure and seamless payments on the Veem network in over 110 countries. Veem’s next-generation payment tools enable businesses to streamline their processes and build business relationships with suppliers and partners all over the world. Through seamless integrations with the Magaya Digital Freight Portal as well as many other popular business applications, Veem provides a revolutionary payment experience.



Xeneta is the leading ocean freight rate benchmarking and market intelligence platform transforming the shipping and logistics industry. Xeneta’s powerful reporting and analytics platform provides liner-shipping stakeholders the data they need to understand current and historical market behaviour – reporting live on market average and low/high movements for both short and long-term contracts. Xeneta’s data is comprised of over 300 million contracted container rates and covers over 160,000 global trade routes.


project 44 Logo


project44 is the world’s most robust multimodal network, operating in over 170 countries and more than 20 languages. Its approach to global and multimodal connectivity enables supply chain and logistic professionals to track inventory throughout their entire journey, including truckload, LTL, ocean, rail, air, and final mile.

As the supply chain connective tissue, project44 operates the most trusted end-to-end visibility platform that tracks more than 1 billion shipments annually for the world’s leading brands.



Winmore’s Customer Success Platform (CSP) helps commercial teams win more RFPs, minimize scope creep, and build customer relationships at scale. It helps sales and pricing managers take the right steps to qualify and respond to increasingly complex bids…and, when they’ve won the business, accelerate time-to-value while ensuring compliance and delighting the customer.

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