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Streamline your logistics operations with a single solution for shipping, warehousing, accounting, and freight forwarding.

Magaya Supply Chain





Imagine ALL the Features You Want in ONE Supply Chain Solution

Seamlessly exchange data in real-time and manage all your supply chain processes and logistics operations in a single system, from creating a freight quote to completing the necessary customs documentation, performing warehouse management procedures, and last-mile logistics.

Avoid double data entry by creating bookings, pickup orders, warehouse receipts, shipments, and invoices – directly from one system.

Shipping & Freight Forwarding

Create bookings, pickup orders, warehouse receipts, shipments, and invoices by pulling information directly from quotes, saving time by avoiding extra keystrokes.


PO Management

Automatically convert the information in POs into pickup orders, warehouse receipts, or bills to foster collaboration between departments and with your partners.

Warehouse Management

The built-in warehouse management system enables seamless workflows between warehousing, receiving, and shipping to get cargo where it needs to go faster.


Automate your accounting workflows, including recurring billing and periodic invoices.

Magaya Network

Grow your business by joining an electronic network of thousands of other forwarders and agents worldwide.

Productivity and Integrations

A collection of apps and extensions plus Magaya’s open API allow you to scale the system to meet your unique needs.

Your Insurance Concierge, Right in Magaya Supply Chain

With Magaya Insurance Services, you have access to concierge service for all your cargo insurance needs. Integrated with Magaya Supply Chain, you have the power to control the entire insurance process and organize all related documents in one place. 

You can easily report on all events and any history associated with any shipment involved in a claim, use financial reporting tools to present all required documentation, ensure faster and more accurate claims resolution, and much more. 

• General liability
• Errors and omissions
• Bonds
• Warehouse risk
• Truck insurance
• Workers’ compensation

How Magaya Supply Chain Accelerates Growth

Everything you need to run your business efficiently, work collaboratively, and gain full visibility, all in a single, cloud-based supply chain software solution. An open API framework enables you to build custom extensions to Magaya yourself.



Take Your Productivity to the Next Level

Ever wish you could clone yourself? With Magaya Supply Chain, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in productivity, optimizing every step of the shipment from quote to final destination. Avoid duplicate and manual data entry by automating forms and common tasks.

Supply Chain Software Detail

Get the Big Picture (and Every Detail Too)

A single source of the truth gives you the big picture of your entire business without having to hop from screen-to-screen and cobble together disparate data. Plus, the real-time information keeps you apprised of every important detail with ultimate accuracy.

cloud supply chain software

Find Your Freedom in the Cloud

Don’t waste another moment with IT, server, and infrastructure management. Deploy Magaya Supply Chain in the cloud and benefit from superior speed, security, scalability, and reliability – with a lower total cost of ownership.

take your business further

Bring Your Business Even Further

There are no limits to your growth and no boundaries to what you can do with Magaya Supply Chain. The Magaya Digital Freight Platform offers a complete set of apps, extensions, and integrations to evolve with your changing needs. Plus, our open API lets you add on to the software with your own custom extensions or integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Magaya Supply Chain

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1. What, exactly, is supply chain software? Is it different from ERP software?

Supply chain software, also commonly referred to as SCM software, supply chain management software, or even logistics software, is a type of software application or suite of applications designed for the management, optimization, and automation of supply chain operations. This can include warehouse operations, supply chain visibility, supply chain analytics, inventory management, and more.

ERP software, on the other hand, is a more generalized term for business management software that can be used to organize and optimize a variety of operations, from raw material sourcing and procurement to supplier relationships, and other capabilities. ERP software is often specialized to the business vertical it is destined for.

2. What makes Magaya Supply Chain the best SCM software on the market?

There are lots of ERP software and supply chain management software options on the market today.

Many SCM systems specialize in a particular functional area, like supply chain planning or warehouse management.

Magaya Supply Chain streamlines, simplifies, and speeds up the work of managing a freight forwarding company, warehouse, or other logistics business by combining all the features needed for efficient operations under one roof.

That means no more duplicate data entry, no more switching from one system to another, and full, real-time visibility of your inventory levels, shipments, cargo, customers, and other key data – at a glance.

3. I'm not sure I really need supply chain software. How do I know I'm ready to digitize my operations?

Keeping up with rising customer expectations, growing competition, and demand for faster, high-value logistics services is impossible these days without strong foundational digital supply chain software.

Spreadsheets and old-fashioned grit will only take you so far. Traditional supply chain strategies may have sufficed in the past, but today, customer satisfaction hinges on your ability to provide real-time visibility and traceability across the entire supply chain, from the supplier to the end consumer’s doorstep.

So, if you are finding yourself struggling to keep up, if you are losing customers or hitting a wall when it comes to growth, if you are wasting time troubleshooting instead of optimizing, then there’s a good chance that you are ready for the next step in SCM software. You can read more about the signs you’re ready for a supply chain software upgrade here.

4. Is Magaya Supply Chain a SaaS solution?

Fully hosted in the cloud, Magaya Supply Chain is available as a subscription-based license, so you can focus on running your supply chain business instead of managing technical hardware and software systems. 

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