Minimize Business Interruption with Magaya Cloud Based Logistics Software

Does your team need to work remotely? Our cloud based logistics software can help your business make the transition quickly and easily.

The Coronavirus pandemic has rapidly accelerated the need for businesses to adopt a technology infrastructure that can support alternative types of working, making communication, collaboration, and remote work more relevant today than ever before.

Outdated technology and/or infrastructure for remote working is the biggest barrier to effective remote working in an organization.

For tips on how to develop or improve your technology infrastructure, call your Magaya Account Manager today.

Magaya is here to help.

Important information from Magaya regarding COVID-19.

The Magaya Cloud

The Magaya Cloud gives you the security and flexibility of accessing your data and managing your operations anywhere, anytime, making remote work incredibly easy for the supply chain industry.

In the event your team needs to work from home due to the coronavirus epidemic, Magaya has you covered:

CEO/Business Owners

Have full visibility into all the processes of your business from your Magaya system, from every quote that comes in, electronic air waybills or bill of lading, to every warehouse receipt and pick-up order that your warehouse handles.

Accounting Team

Access a fully-integrated accounting system that delivers a complete toolset with all the functionality to help keep your financials on track, including critical financial reports such as the balance sheet and the profit and loss report.

Warehouse/Operations Managers

Maintain full control and visibility of your operations, with complete accessibility to all your features; including bookings, purchase orders, inventory management, and managing online payments from a remote location.

Learn more about keeping your remote workforce productive.

View our on-demand webinar, How to Minimize Business Interruption During the Coronavirus Outbreak, and learn how to prepare for potential challenges or pivot your business quickly when needed.