One Click to Track Them All: Magaya Container Tracking FAQ

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With Container Tracking, you can easily track all your ocean shipment containers across more than 100 sealines faster and more efficiently than ever, all within the Magaya system.

With global port and terminal congestion continuing to cause concern, shipment visibility is perhaps more important than ever, making the new Container Tracking extension by Magaya a must-have for modern freight forwarding.

Increased visibility is the key to making more proactive, smarter business decisions and delivering better customer service. With Container Tracking, you can easily track all your ocean shipment containers across more than 100 sealines faster and more efficiently than ever, all within the Magaya system.


Benefits of Using the Container Tracking Extension

Real-Time Visibility
The Container Tracking extension gives you real-time and direct visibility of your containers from the Magaya platform, wherever they are in the world.

Integrated with LiveTrack
Easily share your tracked containers’ status updates as events in LiveTrack for full self-serve, 24/7 visibility for your clients.

Boosts Efficiency
Links container information in your shipments to container tracking sources worldwide, giving you quick access to the status of your containers.

More than 100 Carriers
The extension currently tracks more than 100 ocean carriers such as Evergreen, CMA, and more. New ocean carriers are added to the extension weekly.


Frequently Asked Questions About Container Tracking

Q: What happens when specific shipment events have been completed? Does LiveTrack continue displaying and tracking the shipment?
A: The system will continue displaying the events until the user manually removes them.

Q: How is the Container Tracking extension different than LiveTrack?
A: The two work together seamlessly. Your customer, the LiveTrack user, sees events that are in your Magaya system. The Container Tracking extension automatically puts those events there. Without Container Tracking, you’d have to manually put events in your Magaya system, for your customer to see in LiveTrack. Without LiveTrack, even if there are Container Tracking events in your Magaya system, you’d still rely on email and phone calls to communicate those events to your customer.

Q: What is the source of the tracking data?
A: Carrier EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Q: Can RORO shipments be tracked with the Container Tracking extension?
A: That feature is coming soon in a future release! Specifically, we will support tracking by Bill of Lading number. It’s worth mentioning that we also have a suite of solutions for RORO shippers, including tracking. More information is available here.

Q: Who sets the shipment statuses?
A: The vessel line sets the statuses.

Q: Since container numbers are not always unique, does this cause conflicts for tracking?
A: Once the sealine has ended a shipment, this is communicated via the Container Tracking updates, and when the container is reused for future shipments, the system will not start a brand new tracking (unless you are shipping in the same container again).

Q: How can a Magaya user control access to the LiveTrack portal for their customers?
A: You control access in the Magaya system maintenance module. Each customer can be allowed or disallowed access to LiveTrack on an individual basis.

Q: Can we add multiple containers under a single shipment?
A: Yes, the process is just as simple as adding and repacking the additional containers on a single shipment.

Q: How frequently is the shipment information updated?
A: The system pulls updates from the sealines every night, and updates can also be obtained instantly, on-demand with the click of a button in the Magaya system.

Q: Can containers be automatically added to tracking when creating a shipment?
A: No, and this was by design. You do need to select which containers to track because many of our customers expressed the desire to retain control over which containers are tracked and which are not. Adding containers to tracking only takes a few quick clicks, and multiple shipments can easily be added in bulk, so the process is fast and simple, and still a significant time-savings as compared to obtaining the information from sealines and sharing it with customers manually.

Q: Do I need the newest version of the Magaya software to use Container Tracking?
A: No, Container Tracking is compatible with all recent versions of Magaya software. Some very old versions may not be compatible. Contact your CSM for more details.

Q: Does Container Tracking work for both import and export?
A: Yes! As long as you have a container number, you can enjoy the benefits of the Container Tracking extension.

Q: Is Container Tracking available in other languages?
A: We are working on a Spanish translation of the user interface, however, the data that comes from the sealines is in English at the moment.

Track all your containers with just one click!

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