Small Package Handling

To process a high volume of small packages quickly, you need the right technology for hyper-efficient receiving, consolidation, and shipping workflows. Magaya has the software and hardware automation tools you need to efficiently process a large volume of packages, keeping the items moving quickly in and out of the warehouse.

Small Package Handling
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Every minute counts when you’re processing high volumes of packages. Magaya is built to maximize warehouse worker efficiency with tools that speed up physical tasks like package dimensioning and photographing that connect with software for quick digital documentation.



Magaya offers an integrated suite of hardware and software tools that work together in harmony, ensuring fast inbound and outbound parcel processing, and full visibility for all stakeholders.

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Magaya’s Small Package Handling solutions are adaptable to a variety of workflows and hardware configurations. Whether you already have barcode scanners and dimensioning equipment in place or you’re starting fresh, we have the right solutions for you.

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Door-to-Door Small Package Handling Solutions For Busy Freight Forwarders

From package receiving to inspection, consolidation, and outbound shipping, Magaya has all the tools you need to maximize visibility, productivity, and profitability.

RECEIVE Streamline the reception process by recording the packages in the destination database as warehouse receipts with Magaya Supply Chain for optimal operations management, Binder for photos and barcode scanning, and Dimensioner for automated dimensioning.

CONSOLIDATE With all your information accurately in one place, use Magaya Supply Chain to create a consolidated shipment using the shipment wizard. Packages can be grouped by consignee, or one house per Warehouse Receipt can be created. The outgoing shipment includes a master and the houses.

DELIVER Finally, use Magaya LiveTrack for full visibility all the way to the end recipient. You can even use the Courier Shipping Extension to print labels and ship items with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and United States Postal Service (USPS) directly from a Cargo Release.

Flawless Small Package Handling For Busy Freight Forwarders

Package handling done right requires precision, speed, and perfectly executed collaboration. With Magaya Small Package Handling solutions, you can scan barcodes, take pictures, get package dimensions, and instantly attach all this data to the transaction.

Magaya accelerates the high-volume package receiving process, allowing you to instantly collect the item information directly into the courier manifest from a scan, print a copy for the driver, and then continue with the receiving process, assigning the items to warehouse locations as usual.

Keep your customers informed every step of the way with transaction tracking. Simply scan the tracking numbers of the items which are saved and are searchable in the Magaya system. Plus, you can automatically send a notice to the consignee letting them know that their package has arrived.

“The system is very intuitive, clean, and very user-friendly compared to Magaya competitors. I love their support department. They are always providing solutions in a very small time frame.”

– Magaya Freight Forwarding Customer

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Distribution Freight Solutions: Handling Twice the Volume with Half the Work

Learn how Distribution Freight Solutions, a public warehouse service provider, automated their Small Package Handling workflow by adding a Magaya Parcel Dimensioner to their operations. Now they move more than twice as many small packages per day with the help of Magaya software. View the video to see how they did it.