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Magaya Software, A Trusted Provider of Supply Chain Management Solutions Worldwide

Overview of our Solutions


The Cargo System is a Logistics Software designed for international freight forwarders, NVOCCs, consolidators and forwarding agents, couriers, warehouse providers, and cargo airlines who require a complete and accurate warehouse management system combined with a fully-integrated accounting system. The user-friendly interface with interactive screens reduces the amount of work for the user.

Distribution System

The Magaya Distribution System gives wholesalers, importers/exporters and traders looking for an easy to use and affordable ERP-like solution the tool they need. Manage purchase orders and payment to your vendors. Track every detail of your inventory in the warehouse. Sell inventory to customers and track delivery. Understand the results of operations with advanced reports and accounting capabilities.

WMS - Warehouse Management System

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) controls the movement and storage of merchandise within a warehouse. Unlike conventional systems, Magaya Warehouse Management Software includes the process of transporting the inventory to the warehouse and delivering it to its final destination.

Supply Chain Software

The Supply Chain Solution covers the complete logistics process of merchandise delivery from seller to buyer. This software gives you all the functionality of the Magaya Commerce System, Magaya Warehouse Management System (WMS), and Magaya Cargo System. You also get additional sales and purchasing capabilities to connect all your processes from Quotations to Sales Orders and shipments.


All the extra functionality you need for your business: From mobile apps, online payment, 24/7 tracking, proof of delivery, bar code scanning and more - Build your business to meet your needs.


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