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Attach photos to any transactions from your phone

No more cameras, cables or memory cards needed to attach photos in Magaya! Just use Binder to take pictures and send them directly from your phone to your database.


  1. Scan the barcode with your phone, or click to download for iPhone or Android.
  2. Connect to your database by entering your 5-digit Magaya Network ID.
  3. Your Binder Username is displayed in parentheses on the title bar in Magaya. The Password is the same you use for Magaya.

Start Using

  1. Find the transaction or item by manual search or scanning a barcode.
  2. Take pictures with your phone camera or choose existing ones from gallery.
  3. Review and submit. The photos will be sent to the Attachments tab of the record in Magaya.

Unlimited Number of Pictures

Cut the Cords

It is not a secret that you have and will always be able to attach files to transactions in Magaya without using the Binder app. Doing this the old way likely involved a bunch of pictures, cables and saving. Cut the steps and hassle by using Binder.


Get the Big Picture

Your operations are more than just words on a sheet of paper. They involve many people, places and things. Attach quality pictures, documents or anything else helpful for you to get the entire view of transactions. Edit and rotate the pictures to present a clear picture.


Give Your Customers Visibility

If your customers are eager for more information related to their inventory or shipments, make them happy with Binder and LiveTrack. Attach all the relevant information with Binder and have it displayed in your customer portal, LiveTrack.


Get the App


This communication infrastructure is automatically installed and configured when you install any Magaya Product, allowing you to start communicating with other logistics companies and provide real-time Internet tracking for your customers instantly.

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