Staying Operational During a Crisis

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Industry

Many businesses are wondering how to get their team to be as efficient as possible during this uncertain time. While many workers can easily transition to remote work, not every business is ready to pick up and go with such ease.

At Magaya, we understand that there are many things to consider before pivoting to a remote team as well as strategizing on the best way to minimize business disruption during this pandemic. We’ve compiled a few of the tips from our recent webinar on Staying Operational during the Coronavirus with Scott Case, founder of Position: Global.

Establish a team – Prioritize which teams are business-critical and ensure they are supported first. After that team is established, ensure that the rest of the organization is ready for response and recovery activities.

Consider your IT needs – Consider what your IT department needs to establish in order to get your team working remotely. That may include pivoting to a cloud-based solution or installing new software to stay connected.

Review finances – After taking stock of where your business is at the moment, consider looking at government-sponsored financial relief packages that are emerging.

Plan your communications strategy – Start off by assigning a spokesperson to communicate to the team. Also consider which sources your team will use – ensure that these sources are credible and provide updated information.

Gauge the impact – Apart from understanding what your team needs internally, consider what your partners are experiencing. Connect with your vendors and partners to assess what their current situation is to help plan accordingly.


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