The Mystery of Tracking Revealed

Dec 4, 2019 | Education

Dive into the world of logistics tracking with Magaya’s new LiveTrack video.  The mystery of tracking is finally revealed as Damien guides a construction manager on a trip through augmented reality.  Lost packages are finally a thing of the past with LiveTrack’s up-to-date tracking module.


We admit, it would be cool to have your own virtual assistant on-hand for all your logistic needs.  Fortunately, you won’t ever need one with LiveTrack’s smart and easy-to-use interface.  Everything from order to receipt is all in one place.  Whether you’re a logistics provider, or you depend on one, you’ll always know the status of your shipments using LiveTrack.

So how does it work?  LiveTrack’s warehouse receipts list lets you view and sort all items received at your warehouse.  You can even categorize information in a way that shows you what you want to see first.  LiveTrack allows you to communicate with logistics providers in real-time.  Easily relay shipping instructions or any other details so you can be certain your shipments arrive on time and where they need to be.  Finally, save your work in a template that you can edit to fit your workflow, saving time and automating your process.

Pay invoices online, print records, and email transactions all with Magaya LiveTrack.  See even more of what LiveTrack can do by exploring our knowledge base. You can also contact our team to learn more about Magaya today!

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