Magaya v11

From product to ecosystem

11 is the most important release of Magaya Software since 2001. Learn about the performance and stability improvements. Try out our beautiful apps built with new, fast technologies. See what we have in mind for the future.

We have a lot to share about v11. Stay up to date with new features, webinars, and videos.

Desktop, web, and mobile apps working together. For you.


How much time and money does your company lose on customer service that could have been automated? Eliminate emails and phone calls by giving your clients visibility whenever they need it with LiveTrack - the tracking app and logistics portal in your Magaya 11 ecosystem.

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No more cameras, cables or memory cards needed to attach photos in Magaya! Just use Binder to take pictures and send them directly from your phone to your database.

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Canada eManifest is only the first of many. The Extensions can be specific to a market or even a customer - anything from local customs integrations to business intelligence dashboards.

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eCommerce & Distribution

eCommerce is here to stay and you already have the solution

Our promise of an ecosystem carries through. Magaya's eCommerce suite makes sure that your online sales, warehouses and shipping are in perfect sync. No messy integrations - it's one system!

See the orders from all your sales channels in one place, ready to ship. Eliminate manual customer service and costly mistakes as inventory and tracking are updated in real time across your stores.

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Quotes & Rates

Robust freight quotes and rate management your salespeople will love

Magaya 11 takes another step closer to full CRM value. You can now create leads who only get converted to customers once they accept the quote. In the next release (11.1) you can add quotes to Jobs to keep them together with the following operations in a single project to measure profitability.

The rate management system has a ton of new features like multi-currency support, door-to-door and port-to-port service levels, and country-based rates.

To save time when putting together a freight quote, use the new Simple Query to find your most common rates. If that's not enough, the powerful Advanced Query will find the best options and suggest alternatives.

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