Magaya Makes Visibility and Tracking Easy with LiveTrack

Provide your customers with 24/7 on-demand access to tracking, invoices, warehouse receipts, and more with LiveTrack!

LiveTrack makes it easy for your customers to:

  • Check shipment statuses
  • Upload documents
  • Submit requests for orders, bookings, shipping instructions
  • View and pay invoices

Learn more about Magaya LiveTrack, the solution you need to automate your customer service, providing visibility and tracking at the tips of your customers’ fingers.

What Magaya Offers

Magaya is a software platform that delivers end-to-end functionality matching the needs of virtually any company in the logistics and supply chain industry.

00 Magaya Icons White BKG One Platform


Our single platform eliminates data silos, provides real-time visibility and delivers one version of the truth.
00 Magaya Icons White BKG Feature Rich


Unmatched functionality for all your operations enables you to be more efficient, more agile, and ultimately more profitable.

00 Magaya Icons White BKG Scalable


Our robust and highly scalable software platform easily adapts to your changing demands, supporting your growth.

00 Magaya Icons White BKG Deployment


The choice of an on-premises or cloud-based deployment allows you to decide which option is best for your business.

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