A dimensioner is a device or tool used to determine the volume and dimensions of an object, most notably packages and palletized cargo. Dimensioners are used by companies that supply or buy logistic services to compute freight shipment charges depending on dimensions. Dimensioners are generally accompanied with scales to measure freight weights.

How does a dimensioner work?

A dimensioner is a type of volume measurement machine that scans three-dimensional items like small parcels, freight on pallets, or crated cargo. The system estimates the shipping charge depending on the volume of the product and how much space the freight will take up in the shipment. Dimensional data is then combined with weight data from a floor or forklift scale to provide a comprehensive shipping profile.

Dimensioners are also used to guarantee that all goods are accurately categorized in order to provide the greatest possible care during the transportation procedure.

Key Takeaways

    • There are different devises available on the market for dimensioning smaller parcels and pallets, large cargo.
    • Benefits of using an automated dimensioning system include better accuracy for invoicing and load management, time savings, photo capture, and more.

What is dimensioning?

Dimensioning is the technique of measuring the cubic space occupied by a package or object. It is a method of estimating dimensional weight for the purposes of storing, managing, shipping, and billing products.

Are there specific dimensioning systems?

There are many different types of cargo, each with its own unique dimensions. For this reason, there is not one universal system for dimensioning cargo. Instead, specific systems have been developed for different types of cargo.

For example, pallets are typically measured using the pallet length x pallet width x pallet height formula.

Parcels, on the other hand, are usually dimensioned using a weight x length x width formula. And finally, large items such as vehicles and tanks are typically dimensioned using a volume formula.

Of course, these are just general guidelines – actual measurements will vary depending on the type and size of the cargo. For this reason, it is always best to consult a professional dimensioner to ensure that your cargo is properly sized and dimensioned.

Dimensioner by Magaya

    What are the benefits of having a dimensioner?

    There are four main ways a dimensioner can benefit your company:

    • First, dimensional data enables carriers to make the most use of their shipping capacity, keeping freight moving and, in an ideal scenario, resulting in reduced costs for clients.
    • Second, the image capture feature photographs each shipment, providing important documentation and visibility to customers and other stakeholders. At the moment of measurement, we may simply examine the evidence of condition for assistance in monitoring or prospective damage claims.
    • Third, dimensioning devices can examine each item of freight in around five seconds, compared to the several minutes it can take for a human to accomplish the same task, keeping freight moving throughout the transportation process.
    • Last, accurate freight profiles enable us to price more precisely and establish more beneficial pricing arrangements that reflect the true cost of transportation.

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