Warehouse Management Software

Transform your warehouse with a powerful WMS built for the unique needs of logistics service providers.

Warehouse Management Software

Working in disconnected silos is one of the leading productivity killers in business today, and warehouse operations are no exception.

Whether you’re a small company and have various software and data platforms that don’t work together in harmony or you’re a large enterprise with different departments or locations that struggle to collaborate, most companies have room for improvement when it comes to centralization.

Magaya was designed to streamline and simplify every aspect of running your warehousing business, whether you’ve got a team of one or 1,000. The software even connects accounting with warehouse management transactions, all in a single platform. That simplifies the extensive job of processing bills and invoices while also generating insightful reporting.

Magaya software enables you to create seamless workflows between warehousing and shipping, allowing you to load cargo directly onto outbound shipments. The Magaya mobile WMS application even allows users to scan for inventory counts, view real-time inventory data, and track units via barcode scan.

After all, modern-day warehouses are more than just a place to store or stockpile goods. You may offer value-added services including real-time inventory control and tracking, on-demand warehousing, FTZ operations, and more. Whether you oversee a single location or a network of warehouses, as a warehouse operator, you are constantly on the lookout for ways to squash inefficiency and boost productivity. Magaya is your one-stop source for warehouse automation and technology to run your most efficient warehouse ever.


    Your Ultimate Warehouse Optimization Toolkit

    Looking to increase your small package throughput? Want to give your customers better visibility? Need to put mobile solutions in your team’s hands?

    Whether you need help modernizing and automating one part of your warehouse operations or you want to set a strong technology foundation across the board, Magaya will work with you to deliver the best solution to meet your unique needs.

    Magaya Digital Freight Platform
    Freight forwarding software

    Magaya Supply Chain

    Magaya Supply Chain includes a complete WMS with billing, receiving, reporting, put away, inventory management, picking, packing, shipping, and so much more. Developed for maximum flexibility, scalability, ease of use, and visibility, it works seamlessly with the Magaya Digital Freight Platform, meeting the needs of simple or highly complex operations.

    You can optimize warehouse and distribution operations, track inventory, and manage the important aspects of the supply chain that happen before and after the warehouse.

    Streamline workflows between warehousing and shipping, allowing cargo to be loaded directly to outbound shipments, saving time and increasing productivity. Map out arrival locations, facilitating efficient put-away and picking, with a directed operations sequence. You can also send tracking numbers and inventory updates to the online sales channel the moment you ship the order, delivering the fast fulfillment speeds and full visibility that your customers want.


    Digital Forwarder Software

    Magaya Digital Freight Portal

    Your customers want visibility into their shipments, from warehouse to final destination.

    With 24/7 self-service access from your branded online portal, you’ll keep your customers informed without having to pick up a phone or send an email. Your customers can view their warehouse receipts, cargo releases, and more. You can even invoice them online and collect payments right from the Digital Freight Portal, making it easier than ever to get paid for your services.

    They’ll appreciate the instant notifications with real-time tracking in the LiveTrack Mobile App by Magaya, plus the convenience of having all their key documents and photos in one place.



    Dimensioner by Magaya

    Dimensioner captures and saves dimensions, weight, and photos of cargo instantly – plus it syncs the data in real-time.

    With two Dimensioner sizes available, Magaya has you covered whether you are measuring pallets or smaller parcels. Dimensioner uses sophisticated software algorithms for fast and efficient measurement of freight, regardless of shape, size, or material.

    Interfaces with any host system, scales, and barcode readers, so you can be up and running in no time. Prints labels after each scan, which can be configured to meet user specifications.


    easy to use

    Flow WMS by Magaya

    Flow WMS puts the power to dramatically increase warehouse productivity in the palm of your hand!

    This mobile app, designed for Android™ and iOS, gives you the freedom of a modern mobile warehouse management app with the real-time visibility and functionality you need for efficient warehouse operations, including fast receiving, picking, and loading.

    With complete control of your warehouse tasks, you can even trigger the Dimensioner from the app to obtain weights and measures.



    Binder by Magaya

    Binder saves you time and money with a mobile app that lets you use your phone or tablet to capture and instantly upload photos of your parcels, cargo, and more.

    Easily find the transaction or item by manual search or scanning a barcode. Eliminating the need for cameras, cables, or memory cards, you can attach photos, barcode labels, documents, PDFs, checks, and more directly to your Magaya system in seconds.

    Whether you’re processing a warehouse receipt or shipment, you can keep accurate records by attaching photos to the transaction with the Binder app, giving you and your customers full visibility.


    What makes Magaya the best warehouse management software for logistics service providers on the market?

    There’s no shortage of WMS options on the market, and no two solutions are alike. Each system has its strengths.

    What makes Magaya different?

    We know that modern-day warehouse operators are branching out and diversifying into other services. And, more and more freight forwarders and 3PLs are running warehouses of their own.

    So, we designed our software to go beyond the four walls of the warehouse.

    Magaya provides WMS features designed to optimize warehouse and distribution operations and track inventory. You can also manage the aspects of the supply chain that happen before and after the warehouse.

    Magaya Supply Chain is an all-in-one warehouse management system that provides businesses with full visibility and control.

    Maintain total control over your cargo, even before it arrives. With a single source of the truth and real-time updates, Magaya keeps you informed of what you have in stock as well as what you are expecting. This is key to keeping your warehouse organized and preventing the over/under stocking that leads to lost revenues.

    Is your warehouse management system holding you back?

    Set default locations for your inventory according to the most efficient and lean flow of goods. Magaya WMS delivers inventory tracking software so you can place the most in-demand products closer to your ship stations to speed up the shipping process. This also helps by designating receiving zones for inbound inventory which will help delivery drivers determine the correct warehouse loading dock.

    You can also define types of storage for specific inventory. This is especially useful for companies who supply consumables, as you will be able to monitor the date the product was received and how long it has been on your shelves, allowing you to minimize product degradation and obsolescence.

    Magaya helps you optimize your warehouse operations by mapping out arrival locations. This facilitates put away and picking with a directed operations sequence.

    Ready to really take your warehouse to the next level? Flow WMS propels you into the 21st century with the freedom of a modern mobile warehouse management app that provides the real-time visibility and functionality you need for the most efficient receiving and warehouse operations.

    Go beyond basic inventory control with this all-in-one app designed for Android and iOS that allows you to manage your warehouse from the palm of your hand, on your mobile device, handheld scanner, or tablet.

    Flow WMS is designed to work in perfect harmony with your Magaya system and Dimensioner by Magaya giving you the ideal toolset for your most efficient warehouse ever.

    You can even trigger your Magaya Dimensioner directly from the app to get your cargo’s dimensions, weight, and pictures in a flash.

    Achieving true productivity in the warehouse is just an app away! Leave your archaic WMS tools in the past, where they belong, and start using Flow WMS with the modern, intuitive interface your users will love.

    Small Parcel Handling Infographic

    A Suite of Warehouse Technology Solutions for Optimal Small Package Handling

    From package receiving to inspection, consolidation, and outbound shipping, Magaya has everything you need to maximize visibility, productivity, and profitability.

    RECEIVE Streamline the reception process by recording the packages in the destination database as warehouse receipts with Magaya Supply Chain for optimal operations management, Binder for photos and barcode scanning, and Dimensioner for automated dimensioning.

    CONSOLIDATE With all your information accurately in one place, use Magaya Supply Chain to create a consolidated shipment using the shipment wizard. Packages can be grouped by consignee, or one house per Warehouse Receipt can be created. The outgoing shipment includes a master and the houses.

    DELIVER Finally, use the LiveTrack Mobile App by Magaya for full visibility all the way to the end recipient. You can even use the Courier Shipping Extension to print labels and ship items with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and United States Postal Service (USPS) directly from a Cargo Release.

    Warehouse Management Software Features You’ll Love

    • On-hand cargo processing directly from quotes, bookings, pickup orders, or inbound shipments
    • Sales Orders from Commerce Quotes
    • Online sales orders
    • Automated allocation rules
    • Pricing rules and minimum price protection
    • Part numbers, serial numbers, lot numbers, and expiration dates
    • FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, and LEFO
    • Pick and put-away sequences
    • Automatic replenishment
    • Multiple warehouses in one database
    • Define locations for receiving, storage, quality control, holding area, replenishments, etc.
    • Inbound receiving/outbound releasing
    • Accounting
    • Online payments
    • Capture/attach photos and scan barcodes with Binder
    • Cross-docking
    • Physical and cycle counts
    • 3D scanning for parcels and pallets with Dimensioner
    • VIN lookup and management
    • Print labels
    • Local pickups or drayage
    • Pickup tasks for drivers, with pictures and signatures, via the Final Mile app
    • Online pickup requests
    • PO Management
    • Automatic replenishment
    • Average cost and landed cost
    • Backorder management
    • PO management via EDI into inbound shipments
    • PO reports
    • Arrival and location of cargo, SKUs, serial numbers, lot numbers, and multiple stores
    • Real-time inventory, orders, and more
    • Mobile inventory management with Flow WMS
    • Shipment liquidation in one click
    • Multiple currencies
    • QuickBooks® Online extension
    • Automated accounting workflows
    • Recurring billing
    • Periodic invoices
    • Self-service mobile app and portal for customers
    • Instant visibility into pickup orders, warehouse receipts, cargo releases, shipments, and more
    • Configurable push notifications
    • Attach images and documents for customer view
    • …and many more!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Magaya Warehouse Management Software

    Click on the + next to each question to display the answer.

    Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’re always happy to assist! Just schedule a consultation and we’ll connect you with one of our solution experts. 

    1. Is Magaya's warehouse management software cloud-based?

    Yes! The Magaya Digital Freight Platform is a cloud-based software platform for warehouse operators and other logistics service providers. It is made up of flexible, integrated, and modular solutions for all your warehouse management needs, including shipping, rate management, tracking, customs compliance, analytics, customer experience, and much more.

    2. Does Magaya's warehouse management software integrate with other systems?

    Absolutely! In today’s interconnected logistics market, integration between in-house warehouse inventory management systems as well as external agencies, partners, and agents is a must. Many Magaya solutions, like Magaya Supply Chain, offer API capabilities to integrate with third-party systems such as ERP, TMS, and accounting software. By integrating your systems, you benefit from increased operational efficiency, better visibility, and reduced errors.

    3. Does Magaya provide real-time shipment tracking?

    Yes, you can optimize your customer experience with a variety of tracking and visibility tools that provide 24/7, self-service information on cargo, inventory, invoices, and more: before, in, and after the warehouse. The Magaya Digital Freight Portal, LiveTrack Mobile App by Magaya, and Transaction Tracking by Magaya are designed to automate your customer service processes and provide your customers with access to real-time tracking and visibility. Plus, when used in conjunction with Magaya Supply Chain, the customer experience is further elevated.

    4. How user-friendly is Magaya's warehouse management software?

    Magaya’s modern warehouse management software is designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring intuitive interfaces, minimal learning curves, and comprehensive support and training resources.

    5. How does Magaya software pricing work?

    Because each warehouse is unique, our pricing is tailored specifically to each organization’s specific needs and depends on a number of factors, including the solutions required and the number of users.

    5. I'm not sure I really need to invest in new warehouse management software right now. How do I know if it's the right time for a change?

    Changing market conditions, evolving customer expectations, and increasing competition and complexity all make it more important than ever to use technology to accelerate and streamline your warehouse operations. If you’re spending too much money on climbing license fees, waiting days for technical support, or wasting time trying to glean insights from disparate data, then it’s time to take a look at Magaya warehouse software solutions.

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