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Innovative Supply Chain and Logistics Software

What's your role?

  • Owner

    See Profit & Loss by operations with unique Magaya reporting. Online tracking and communications features keep customers informed.

  • Accountant

    Fast billing and invoicing to receive payments faster with the fully integrated, multicurrency accounting system. Complete with A/R, A/P, automatic billing, financial reports and more.

  • Sales Manager

    Create quotes, query rates, generate sales orders quickly, email them directly from the system for fast response so a business opportunity is not missed. Reward sales team with commissions faster.

  • Warehouse Manager

    See what's arriving, what's on hand, and what's in transit. Print labels, create reports and more. Know where everything is in real time.

  • Operation Manager

    Build real-time reports quickly and give online tracking to customers and agents. Standard forms make shipment transactions consistent across your import and export departments.

What Our Customers are Saying

"We can give our customers visibility and inventory control and show them the documents they need to see for their business. With the online tracking, we can offer our customers one-stop shopping: They can see what's been received, what's in transit, what's delivered. All they need is a user name and password."

- Patrick Oliva | Owner | Simple Freight Solutions

"When I use the query tool in the software, I enter the parameters for the origin and destination for our regular customers. The software makes a nice looking document when the customer needs an official looking document that looks better than an email. I save the quote as a PDF and email it to the customers."

- Nazar Shpak| Air Freight Manager | Dnipro LLC

"We support Magaya's technology innovations and continuing search for improvement. Magaya understands the changes in the Supply Chain Management business and make certain their software tools meet those changing demands. Because of the innovation and speed of processing, we have had the tools to grow our business and recently relocated to a very large State of Art Facility."

- Jorge R. de Tuya | V.P | Interport Logistics LLC

"WTDC handles over 500,000 items. The Magaya system can handle this quantity and multiple SKUs. We create a warehouse receipt, verify quantities, and input the information into the Magaya database. We share this data with our customers, and they now use the data in their stores to improve their operations. This has increased the accuracy of the returns."

- Sean Gazitúa| Vice President | WTDC

"It's very adaptable and intuitive. A major selling point for us was the high level of customization that is available. It's not a one-size-fits-all. We can expand it to meet needs as our business changes."

- Scott Beal | COO | M2 Transport

"When the vehicles arrive in Central America, our staff in the destination office prints the Cargo Manifest from the software, as well as the Bill of Lading. They verify if payment was made in the US or if it is due at destination. The status of the shipment is updated in the system and is visible in the Delaware office and others in the other branch offices because we all use Magaya software."

- Beatriz Rodriguez| Operations Manager | North Atlantic Ocean Shipping and Car Transport

"When we invoice our customers from the Magaya system, we include the load number on the invoice. We also include the other relevant charges such as drayage, distribution, cross-docking, and final transport."

- Andres Chapa | Operations Manager | PG

"As our company was growing, it became imperative to find one system to consolidate all of our activities and directly link them to our financials. Magaya helps us do that.""

- Gilles Dumont| President | Cargoways Logistics

What Our Customers are Saying

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Magaya Cargo System

Top 3 Reasons to Request a Magaya Demo

Reduce Costly Errors and Automate Repetitive Tasks
Magaya allows you to improve quality and reduce unnecessary time spent on mundane tasks like re-entering documentation information.

Easily Manage Inventory, Accounting, and Shipments
Reduce paperwork and know the location of every package in your inventory and transit status.

Get Enterprise Level Features at a Competitive Cost
Magaya is a fully-integrated software solution that provides accounting, documentation, invoicing, customs support, inventory tracking, warehousing solutions, shipments and so much more.

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