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Automation, Visibility, and Intelligence

In today’s fast paced, highly competitive market, logistics companies must embrace technological innovation to thrive. Magaya delivers the modern logistics software with automation, visibility, connectivity, and intelligence you need to grow and get ahead.

End-to-End Functionality

Magaya allows you to manage everything from order acquisition to product destination via a robust, end-to-end solution.  The single platform provides accuracy, efficiency, and more streamlined processes.

Extensions and Apps

Magaya offers a collection of extensions and apps designed specifically for the logistics industry, enabling you to scale the solution to your changing needs and reducing costs for customization or integration.

In the Cloud or On Premises

Unlike many other logistics systems today, Magaya delivers the freedom to choose where to host the software, giving you the flexibility to meet your unique security, hardware, and budgetary requirements.

Best Support in the Industry

Magaya provides every customer with expert phone and live chat technical support by real, nice humans, for no extra charge. Having a real-time lifeline is crucial to today’s fast-paced logistics and supply chain industries.

The Power of One

Magaya is a single, unified logistics software platform for operations, accounting, tracking, connectivity, and compliance. As the centralized foundation of your business, the solution delivers unparalleled feature depth, enabling your teams to work more collaboratively, cohesively, and efficiently. This means you can achieve a rapid return on investment needed to thrive and grow in today’s competitive marketplace.

One Logistics Software Platform

One Version of the Truth

One system of record, one version of the truth. Magaya eliminates data silos, streamlines operations, and reduces errors with a complete end-to-end logistics and supply chain platform.

Real-Time Visibility

Better visibility lets you make data-driven decisions that drive efficiency, agility, better inventory tracking, and more precise shipping estimates, giving you a  competitive advantage.

Fast Time
to Value

As a single logistics software platform, the system is faster to implement, quicker to learn, and leaner to operate, providing faster time to value and greater ROI over time.


Scalable and Extensible

The flexible platform allows you to use the modules you need to automate and optimize your business with the ability to use more functionality as your business grows.

A Logistics Software Solution Built with Your Business in Mind

Magaya delivers a comprehensive and robust end-to-end platform for logistics and supply chain management, serving a variety of different businesses. Customers can configure the solution to meet their unique needs, getting the exact functionality they want today, and easily adding more as they grow.

Industries we serve include:

Supply Chain and Logistics Software Trusted by Over 1700 Leading 3PLs, Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs, and Couriers Worldwide

Why Our Customers Love Magaya

“WTDC handles over 500,000 items. The Magaya system can handle this quantity and multiple SKUs. We create a warehouse receipt, verify quantities, and share crucial data with our customers, and they now use the data in their stores to improve their operations.”

Sean Gazitúa
Vice President | WTDC

“When we invoice our customers from the Magaya system, we include the load number on the invoice. We also include the other relevant charges such as drayage, distribution, cross-docking, and final transport.”

Andres Chapa
Operations Manager | PG

“It’s very adaptable and intuitive. A major selling point for us was the high level of customization that is available. It’s not a one-size-fits-all. We can expand it to meet needs as our business changes.”

Scott Beal
COO | M2 Transport