Final Mile by Magaya

The Final Mile app gives drivers an efficient way to pick up and deliver packages and collect signatures, right from their phone.

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The app uses the phone’s native maps for turn-by-turn navigation and best route options while on deliveries.

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Customers are updated with pickup and delivery details in real-time, saving time on customer service calls.

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Once picked up or delivered, all pertinent data about the delivery is synced back to your Magaya system, automatically.

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Drivers can scan packages and get signatures right on the phone screen, meaning no paperwork to find or carry around.
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Through Final Mile, easily assign tasks to specific drivers or leave them up for grabs. Plus, multiple drivers can use the app to make pickups and deliveries at the same time.
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The Final Mile app is free to download on the App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android users.

“The user-friendly interface reduces the amount of work for the user by eliminating duplicate data entry. Shipment details are managed with simple workflows. Send important information to customs authorities and generate required documents like the bill of lading.”

– Magaya Customer

Give Customers the Visibility They Expect

Keep customers up to date on their delivery status with the Final Mile app. Plus, keep your team organized and your Magaya system synced – all with one app.