Magaya is the leading platform in logistics and supply chain automation. At Magaya, we are passionate about helping our clients succeed and grow through our innovative, all-in-one supply chain automation platform, our collection of extensions and apps, and our expert professional services.

Magaya History

Magaya began in 2001, with co-founders Jesus David Rodriguez, Jose Yoniel “Yoni” Garcia, and Gabriel T. Ruz, Jr. The three co-owners began the company in a family member’s apartment with little resources. In fact, the original code was written by Jesus and Yoni, and many of the early sales were made by Gabriel.

Our initial customers were small freight forwarders, and the original Magaya platform was built with them in mind. The legacy Magaya customers went beyond simply beta testing the software, they were instrumental in providing the feedback needed to help the product become as robust as it is today.

The Magaya supply chain management software has also evolved to reflect the changing nature of the logistics industry. What was once an operations software for freight forwarders now includes functionalities for cargo, warehouse management, eCommerce, exporters, and other logistics professionals.

Behind the Name

The term Magaya is borrowed from the Yanomami tribe, indigenous to Northern Brazil and Southern Venezuela. In their tribe, they move goods throughout the Amazon using a net called a magaya to hold their cargo.

Similar to the net holding the cargo, Magaya serves as the solution that encompasses the entire business for our customers.

Top 100 Logistics IT Providers

Our Philosophy

At Magaya, our philosophy is to help companies succeed by offering them a complete and flexible software solution designed to grow with them.

The industry has taken note of the company’s success, with Magaya once again being named to the Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT Provider list.

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