The global supply chain is interconnected. So is our award-winning communication platform, allowing customers to connect and exchange data electronically.

A World of Supply Chain Partners at your Fingertips

Publish your profile on The Magaya Network and be visible to hundreds of potential supply chain partners. You gain the power to connect and electronically exchange transactions with attached documentation with any other Magaya database.

Reduce redundant work and double data entry across the supply chain. Outbound shipments sent over the network convert to inbound shipment in the destination database.

Magaya Network Animation Showing Import/Export Data Transmission from Origin to Destination

Connect with New Partners

Find and be found by other agents in the Magaya Network. Instantly discover new potential business partners from around the globe.

You can even engage in live chat with other network users without ever having to leave the Magaya system.

Share Data Seamlessly

Use the Magaya Network to seamlessly exchange shipment information from one agent to another.

Messages to other agents can contain necessary documents such as bill of ladings and air waybills, packing lists, commercial invoices and more.

Keep Your Documents Secure

Avoid sending documents through less secure means such as EDI, FedEx, e-mail or fax.

The Magaya Network enables you to keep all of your documents stored safely and securely inside of Magaya.