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Run your business faster with a flexible, connected, and completely customizable logistics platform perfectly suited to your unique needs.

Magaya Digital Freight Portal



Give Your Customers the Connected Experience They Want


The Magaya Digital Freight Portal gets you quickly established as a digital freight forwarder with a branded and customized web portal that will set your business apart from the competition.

Deliver the transparency, control, and ease of use that your modern customers expect across schedules, quotes, bookings, tracking, and reporting.



Centralize, Streamline, and Optimize Your Shipping and Warehousing Operations


Your success hinges on accurate data being shared to the right people, fast. There’s no room for errors or delays.

With Magaya Supply Chain, you can exchange information across teams in real-time and manage all your logistics operations in a single system, from freight quotes and customs documents, to warehouse receipts, shipments, invoices, and more.

Magaya Supply Chain
Magaya Rate Management



Your Single Control Tower For Efficient and Accurate Rate and Quote Management


Transportation rates, quotes, and contracts are complicated. Using spreadsheets to manage them is far from efficient and puts data in silos, leaving key stakeholders with a big blind spot.

Magaya Rate Management puts you in the captain’s seat when it comes to your rates. No matter where or what format your rate data lives in, Magaya can digitize and centralize it for you to easily access and share with customers and across teams.



Stay Compliant in Less Time


When it comes to compliance, small mistakes can quickly lead to big delays and fines.

Magaya Customs Compliance keeps you compliant in a fraction of the time with connected features, intelligent automation, and an intuitive interface. With real-time visibility into all your transactions, duties, fees, and CBP response messages in a single window, you won’t miss a beat when it comes to compliance.

Magaya Customs Compliance
Magaya CRM



Grow Your Pipeline With CRM for Freight Forwarders


How many deals are you leaving on the table because of too-slow follow-ups or teams playing telephone tag?

Put your customer data in the spotlight with Magaya CRM. When used with Magaya Supply Chain, this time-saving solution eliminates redundancies and fosters customer-centric collaboration across teams with greater visibility, streamlined processes, and built-in business intelligence.

Add-Ons and Extensions

The sky’s the limit for your business with a complete collection of add-ons and extensions that take your Magaya Digital Freight Platform even further.


Capture high-quality photos and scan barcodes from a mobile device.

Carrier Connections

Send eAWB and connect with INTTRA, DHL, USPS, FedEx, and UPS. LEARN MORE >>

Container Tracking

Track your ocean shipment containers across more than 100 sealines.

Customs Connections

Connect to AMS, ISF, ABI, EEI and more. LEARN MORE >>

Denied Party Screening

Avoid fines, penalties, or even prosecution by consulting DPS from the Departments of Commerce, State, and the Treasury. LEARN MORE >>


Capture accurate package and pallet weights and dims in an instant. LEARN MORE >>

Final Mile

An efficient and integrated way to deliver packages and collect signatures. LEARN MORE >>

Flow WMS

Manage your warehouse from the palm of your hand with Flow WMS. LEARN MORE >>


Give your customers real-time tracking when they download this free app. LEARN MORE >>

QuickBooks Online

Connect your Magaya system with QuickBooks Online for streamlined accounting. LEARN MORE >>

VIN Decoder

Automatically obtain vehicle data upon entering the VIN in your Magaya system. LEARN MORE >>

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