Magaya Announces Strategic Technology Partnership with Expedock Extending AI and Automation Capabilities for Freight Forwarders

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Press Release

Miami, FL – January 23, 2023 – Magaya Corporation, the leading provider of logistics and supply chain automation software, today announced a strategic technology partnership with Expedock to enable accounting, operations, and management teams to further accelerate and automate common freight data entry processes.

Expedock is an AI-powered automation service that eliminates inefficiencies by automating many of the manual data entry processes involved with freight shipments. When used with Magaya Supply Chain, Expedock helps teams automate key accounting workflows, avoid unnecessary blocks in the delivery of goods, pay vendors on time, gain a clearer view of P&L and margin per shipment, and reduce turnaround time, allowing more time for customer service.

“Artificial intelligence has taken center stage in the news recently, and for good reason. The possibilities are endless! At Expedock, we’re leveraging the power of AI to extract and reconcile unstructured data and post data directly into Magaya Supply Chain, eliminating costly errors and saving incredible amounts of time,” said King Alandy Dy, Expedock CEO. “Our customers enjoy labor savings of 30-80% because staff can be reallocated to higher-value tasks such as customer service and sales, an important benefit, especially in this economy.”

Expedock use cases for Magaya Supply Chain include:

  • Reconcile and enter monthly statements from vendors
  • Process commercial invoices, entry summaries, and packing lists
  • Create and amend shipments and consols
  • 100% automation coverage for freight workflows 

“Partners like Expedock give us an opportunity to bring more value to our customers. We are impressed by the work the Expedock team is doing to help freight forwarders save time and money, objectives we very much share at Magaya. We’re thrilled to see our customers reaping the benefits of this partnership,” said Gary Nemmers, Magaya Chief Executive Officer.   

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About Expedock

Expedock is the AI-powered document and data automation service behind some of the leading players in the global supply chain. Tens of thousands of freight containers are now being moved internationally via Expedock every week through our technology that eliminates inefficiencies by automating the manual processes and connects all physical and digital data sources into one platform. Visit to learn more.