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In this video, we give you a quick overview of some of the key features of the solution, from quotes to accounting, and everything in between, and we’ll also show you just how easy it is to run your entire business with Magaya Supply Chain.

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Tired of cutting and pasting from emails all day long? Magaya helps you clear that inbox clutter – by managing all of your quotations in one place.
Create professional-looking quotation documents with charges included automatically. You can easily copy a quote, email it, and convert it into other logistics transactions.

Many of the fields are filled in automatically, saving you time, and they can easily be changed as needed. For example, the quote’s expiration date is set to 30 days automatically. Change it with a click. Your customer’s name, address, and payment terms are all filled in for you from their profile.

Simply select a mode of transport from the list – and the same with the origin and destination ports. The system includes hundreds of ports to choose from. Charges can even be created automatically with previously defined Rates.
You can also create a task to automatically remind yourself or another employee to follow up so that nothing ever falls through the cracks.

After quotes are accepted, you can transfer details automatically to create other transactions in your Magaya system, including bookings to reserve space on a carrier, a warehouse receipt to bring cargo or inventory into the warehouse, shipments, and more. All the data is carried over, so you don’t have to type the same information in multiple places. The system also works with Magaya Rate Management to easily create quotes, search and compare your entire rate set, and manage margins, surcharges, spot rates, and more – all from a single control tower.


Magaya makes it so simple to reserve space on planes, ships, or trucks for your customers. You can choose the booking method that works best for your needs:

The Quick Booking is great when you’re on the phone with a customer and need to jot down just a few details to get the request started. It’s easy to select a carrier from the list – and the ports the carrier uses.

The Standard Booking gives you a place to select more entities, add more routing options, and add charges. You can quickly add commodities – either from your list of part numbers, or add the items manually. You can also add containers from the pre-set list if your customers are moving full containers. If your customers want to move vehicles, you can add them by VIN.

Another way to speed up the Booking process is to create Trip Schedules for all aircraft, outgoing vessels, or trucks. Then, you can quickly check if there’s space available. The Trip Schedule list saves details of the actual flights and sailings that you frequently use.

Of course, you can always convert an accepted quote into a Booking, one of the many ways Magaya saves you time and eliminates manual data entry with connected features.

Want even faster processing? You can use your Booking as a template simply by copying it.


Whether you’re importing or exporting, Magaya Supply Chain has everything you need to efficiently manage your air, ocean, and ground shipments. In this example, let’s look at the benefits of Magaya for creating your import shipments.

Depending on your workflow, you can convert a Quotation or a Booking into a shipment, transferring all your important data – without retyping. If you want to issue your own Bill of Lading, you can make a “Back to Back” shipment. Other options for making imports are to copy a previous one, to create one manually, or to use a shipment wizard.

In the wizard, you can add general information to the shipment and easily select entities from dropdown lists. You may also select routing information, and add from the many international trade documents included in the system, such as the Cargo Manifest, Arrival Notice, Delivery Order, Release Order, and Certificate of Origin.

The software makes the Master and House documents for you – so you don’t need to type them manually. When you’re finished, save the shipment in a folder.

At any time, you can add more details or cargo as needed.

You can also see how much profit you’re making from this shipment, and even run different types of reports such as financial, cargo, open invoice reports, and more. Better yet, when you use the report scheduler feature, you can automate client reports to be sent straight to their inbox, as often as you’d like and at a pre-scheduled time.

The software also covers who’s picking up the container and where, where it needs to go, and where to return it.

Shipments can be received electronically through the Magaya Network, a built-in communication and networking platform that connects you with other forwarders and agents, enabling new business opportunities and allowing you to share electronic documents faster and more securely. With state-of-the-art encryption in compliance with SOC 1 and 2 certification requirements, you’ll benefit from stronger security and authentication capabilities.

The Shipment List works as a dashboard and allows you to run reports on the shipments and the containers.

The system is even flexible enough to let you choose the way you want to work and create shipments. You can submit the required customs filings to CBP with US Customs Connections or use our ACE-certified ABI platform, Magaya Customs Compliance.

Plus, you can keep customers and agents apprised of the status of shipments at all times with a mobile app that offers real-time self-serve tracking and visibility on the go.


Magaya Supply Chain keeps you organized – from the office to the warehouse and back.

Depending on your workflow, you may have already received information about the incoming items in a Purchase Order or a Pickup Order. With Magaya, you can quickly convert that information into a Warehouse Receipt. Set up a Default Receiving location to speed up the process even more. Then, you can easily print a Warehouse Receipt label for each item.

Even if you create the Warehouse Receipt from scratch, Magaya can help you speed up the process, pulling from lists of defined inventory items to fill in required details – automatically. Plus, the system works with Flow WMS, a mobile app for iOS and Android that speeds up receiving and other warehouse procedures.

You can also automate storage charges and generate invoices for on-hand inventory. Storage charges can be calculated by pieces, weight, volume, and more. Everything is saved and available for reports.

You can receive perishables with expiration dates such as food or pharmaceuticals, items with variable weights, items with serial numbers such as electronics, items with lot numbers, or hazardous materials. With Magaya, you can receive a wide variety of inventory and offer your customers inventory visibility that’s easy for them to check – and cost-effective for you to offer.


The health of your business depends on the accuracy of your accounting. Magaya Supply Chain connects your logistics transactions directly with your accounting processes. For example, if your workflow begins with a quote for a customer, that quote and all its charges can be carried over to the next step, whether that’s reserving space in a Booking, picking up or receiving the items, creating a shipment, or generating the invoice. This ensures that the amount you quoted is never lost.

For shipments, you can see all the related information in one place. You also have full control to decide how to calculate participation for agents and commissions for salespeople.

You can decide when you want to generate all the accounting transactions for a shipment by selecting the date of your choice, for example, the date of departure. This will synchronize all your accounting and operations reports. You can also move charges up or down to display them in the order you want in your documents, and decide if a charge must be displayed in a document.
Magaya software includes a full accounting system that lets you manage your AR, AP, banking, and reports. Add your own General Ledger accounts and items and services, then automate them with a click.

Configure preferences for your accounting needs such as setting up payment terms; selecting currencies; and setting up document numbering. Define how you want to handle taxes, credit limits, and more.

To reduce manual work, create recurring invoices, bills, and checks; set up periodic invoicing for customers, and automate their rates. Never miss a revenue opportunity by making certain charges or services appear automatically on every shipment. Your customers can even pay their invoices online.

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