Customer Success

The Magaya Customer Experience

At Magaya, we value being able to work with our clients as partners.

We’ve created a thorough training and onboarding process to ensure that you’re able to use Magaya to solve all of your business needs starting from day one. Not only does our team guide you while you begin, we’re also here for the long haul.

Our customer success team begins by providing education through our MagayaU platform. Through implementation, we provide a tailored experience that’s specific to your operation’s needs.  Once onboard, we’ll work with you on your growth plans, check in to make sure you’re using Magaya to its fullest potential, and be available to discuss how Magaya can scale with your business as it grows.

We’ll be with you at each step of the way and have had the pleasure to grow alongside many of our long-standing clients. Through their feedback, we’ve implemented new features and improved our service to better serve all of our clients across the board.

We’re committed to continuously improving our solution and look forward to being a partner with you.

Your First Days As A Magaya Customer
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Magaya University

Our MagayaU platform was created to provide a thorough course through the entire Magaya ecosystem. This self-guided class allows you to view step-by-step guides on how to use Magaya, through all of the functionalities our solution offers. You can also view modules on general logistics industry information which was curated through years of experiences.


The implementation team understands your business has specific needs. Our approach to this process starts with understanding what your team is looking for and training your team how Magaya can expedite your workflows and solve current issues you’re facing. Implementation is not just a one-time meeting; we look forward to continuously working with you.

Your Growth Plan

We’ll continue working together, even after you’ve learned how to use Magaya. Our team is available to offer suggestions on the best way to use our solution. Also, we understand that as your business grows, that your needs will start to change. We’re ready to show you how we could continue to work together to solve your business needs.