Elite Sales Selects Magaya Customs Compliance to Pave the Way for Growth

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Press Release

Miami, FL – January 18, 2022 – Magaya Corporation, the leading provider of end-to-end logistics and supply chain automation software, today announced that Elite Sales, Inc. has selected Magaya to reduce costs and increase productivity for its customs operation.

Elite Sales is an industrial hardware supplier serving the commercial fishing, cargo transportation, agriculture, and construction industries. Imported from China and Korea, the products include wire rope, chain, cable, strand, and hardware, all guaranteed to meet the highest industry safety standards. With headquarters in Miami and three strategically located warehouses throughout the US, Elite is a leading regional supplier in the field.

As an importer from Asia, Elite was processing more than 100 shipments of raw materials per month. While it was clear that bringing the import functionality in-house would be beneficial, Elite was lacking the technology foundation needed to succeed. The company could no longer rely on spreadsheets and manual entry for constantly changing data – establishing itself as a self-filer would require automated processes and workflows designed specifically for importers.  After conducting extensive research and vetting the most highly rated technology platforms in the industry, Elite selected the ACE-certified Magaya Customs Compliance solution.

“The Magaya solution will help us navigate the challenges and complexities of customs procedures, regulations, and filings,” commented Import/Export Manager, Leslie Garcia. “While I was impressed by the technology, I was also excited to have a modern interface and dashboards that make it easy to share and visualize data. I’m confident that the solution will simplify our transition to self-filer status and pave the way for our future growth.”

Magaya Customs Compliance will help keep Elite compliant while reducing costs and increasing productivity for its new internal customs operation. With three active warehouses and more than 10,000 shipments per year, Elite will benefit from real-time alerts on shipment status and visibly into transactions. With automatic updates on changing tariffs and regulations, Elite will eliminate the need for inefficient spreadsheets and manual data entry. Plus, the intuitive interface will make it easy for the team to pivot to an in-house operation.

“We’re pleased to be part of Elite’s growth strategy as the company takes the next step in its evolution,” commented Magaya Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Buman. “We’re confident that Elite will realize a significant ROI and quickly gain a higher level of productivity.”


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About Elite Sales Inc. 

Headquartered in Miami, Elite Sales, Inc. is an importer of industrial wire, chain & hardware from China and Korea. In business since 1975, Elite sells to distributors in the fishing, transportation, construction, and agricultural industries. With over 100 years of combined industry experience and warehouses in Florida, Texas, and Indiana, Elite is now a leading regional supplier of industrial hardware.