Global Trade & Customs Improves Customs Compliance and Efficiency with Magaya

by | May 26, 2021 | Press Release

Miami, FL – May 26, 2021 – Magaya Corporation, the leading provider of end-to-end logistics and supply chain automation software, today announced that Global Trade & Customs has selected ACELYNK ABI by Magaya, an ACE-certified solution, to increase efficiency of its customs filing and compliance process.  

Global Trade & Customs is a full-service freight forwarding and logistics company specializing in end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions. With more than 10 years of operational, sales and management experience, the company has established relationships with a worldwide network of agents, allowing them to provide service in over 70 countries. 

Previously, Global Trade & Customs retained the services of a customs broker for filing and compliance. As the company continued to grow, it became clear that the increased volume of business would require a more efficient and cost-effective approach.  Having a 10 year history as a Magaya customer and leveraging the Magaya Supply Chain solution, Global Trade & Customs had developed complete confidence in the unparalleled technology provided by Magaya.  As a result, they turned to Magaya for seamless integration with its customs compliance solution. 

“Our business was rapidly expanding and we realized that a more updated and streamlined system could create significant savings,” says Global Trade & Customs President, Marc Sulllivan. “With ACELYNK ABI by Magaya, Global Trade & Customs will bring this functionality in-house to achieve a higher level of efficiency and profitability. And from a high-level perspective, a centralized and fully integrated logistics platform makes total sense, undoubtedly contributing to Global Trade & Customs’ continued strength in the marketplace.”  

By adding the Ocean AMS module, Global Trade & Customs will have the most sophisticated in-house system to process shipments and file documentation. The ACELYNK ABI solution is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that provides the tools for faster filing, instant updates on shipment statuses, and visibility into transactions, duties, and fees.  Additionally, the scalable solution will allow Global Trade & Customs to add the Magaya InBond filing functionality at a later date and enable seamless navigation between the modules. Plus, working from a single platform will provide Global Trade & Customs with the functional depth and unified approach that only a highly advanced software platform can offer.

“Global Trade & Customs will achieve immediate ROI by eliminating the expense of a customs broker. And by delivering flexibility to meet Global Trade & Customs’ future initiatives, the Magaya Ecosystem offers a distinct advantage in the marketplace,” says Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Buman.  “We’re gratified to see Global Trade & Customs take advantage of the system’s scalability to support their strategy for growth.”


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About Global Trade & Customs

Global Trade & Customs is a full-service freight forwarder with extensive experience handling all modes of transportation. By maintaining a network of professional relationships with multiple air and ocean carriers Global Trade & Customs determines ideal routing and service options to execute all aspects of transportation for its clients around the world.  With a dedicated team of professionals experienced in all areas of Supply Chain Management, Global Trade & Customs remains flexible to client needs, and dedicated to providing top quality logistical services around the world.