How to Gain a Competitive Advantage in Freight Forwarding with Effective Customer Communication

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Editor’s note: Today’s guest post was contributed by Julian Sanchez, Tsol´s sales executive in Bogota, Colombia. Tsol is a Mexico-based consulting firm and logistics technology provider with a strategic partnership with Magaya to distribute its solutions and increase Magaya’s footprint in Latin America. As a Magaya Value Added Reseller, Tsol sells and implements Magaya enterprise management, logistics, rate management, and CRM solutions to freight forwarders, third-party logistics providers, and customs brokers throughout Latin America.

In present-day global maritime trade, where disruptions have become common, the current Red Sea crisis is particularly noteworthy. Ocean carriers are adjusting maritime routes to much longer journeys to keep vessels, staff, and cargo safe by circumventing the most volatile areas, causing a ripple effect on rates and the availability of capacity.

The situation shines a light on the imperative need for shippers and their logistics partners to keep a close watch on cargo in transit through the use of cutting-edge technological tools to address the many short-, medium-, and long-term challenges that lie ahead.

investigators looking at cargo damage for insuranceIn a highly competitive freight forwarding market where thousands of logistics service providers are vying for capacity on a compact list of just ten global shipping carriers, adopting the right technology to enable greater visibility, faster quoting, and streamlined operations is crucial.

Technology that easily enables visibility for shipper customers provides not only a unique value-added differentiator that satisfies their need to stay informed, thereby enhancing loyalty, but also helps the forwarder save time, boost productivity, and grow the bottom line. Everyone wins!

Today’s shipper customers have high expectations driven by the proliferation of modern technology in other aspects of our daily lives. What do shippers genuinely want? What keeps them loyal to you amidst plenty of other options?

  • Real-Time Container Tracking: Shippers need to know the specific details of their cargo’s location and upcoming itinerary to proactively plan next steps, make warehouse space available, plan for cargo handlers, etc.
  • Event Notifications: Notifications keeping shippers informed of evolving cargo status, delays, departures, inspections, or setbacks enable them to be prepared whether things go as planned or require adjustments.
  • Accurate Rates: Shippers rely on accurate rates, including surcharges and other fees, to calculate their landed costs and other critical financial measures.
  • Detailed Reports: Clients greatly appreciate consulting a detailed record of their stock movements, as this contributes to making data-driven end-pricing decisions that keep their profit margins healthy.
  • Strategic Automation: You become your clients’ true champion when you help them save time by providing critical information in a single click, in turn preventing unnecessary calls or emails.

Providing these capabilities drives more agile, profitable, and sustainable operations in an increasingly connected and technological business world. Ultimately, keeping clients informed is good for business, and technology such as the Magaya Digital Freight Platform is a key enabler.


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