Magaya Announces Multimillion-Dollar Investment Aimed at Fortifying its Digital Freight Platform to Accommodate Rapid Growth and Enhance Customer Experience

Mar 28, 2024 | Press Release

Miami, FL – March 28, 2024 – Magaya, the leading provider of logistics and supply chain automation software, is committing an additional multimillion-dollar investment in 2024 allocated to fortifying its Digital Freight Platform. The added dollars speed the rollout of advanced features across its portfolio of products, including Magaya Supply Chain, Customs Compliance, Rate Management, CRM, and the Digital Freight Portal. Magaya’s sustained rapid growth, alongside its commitment to delivering exceptional software performance to its customers, drove the initiative. The end-goal is to ensure the platform remains incredibly robust and agile, with superior reliability, for users in the face of escalating demands and complexity.

“I am thrilled that our Board has doubled down on our success with this additional investment, and I appreciate their confidence in us and our strategy,” said Gary Nemmers, CEO at Magaya. “By accelerating value delivery to our customers while improving the experience they have every day with our platform, we are solidifying our position as the top choice for customers wanting to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

The new investment dollars are additive and specifically designated to accelerate the platform advancement and product development areas previously committed by the company. Key initiatives include:

  • Performance Optimization: Maximize throughput, reduce latency, and enhance overall platform reliability.
  • Infrastructure Upgrades: Improve system performance and responsiveness, even under heavy loads.
  • Scalability Enhancements: Handle growing user demands seamlessly and rapidly.
  • Robust Monitoring and Analytics: Proactive responses to alerts regarding potential issues.
  • Talent: Expand team of skilled engineers with domain expertise to spearhead these initiatives.

“As freight forwarders, 3PLs, customers brokers, NVOCCs, and other logistics service providers embrace digital transformation and deploy technology solutions to streamline their operations, Magaya is experiencing exponential growth,” said Martyn Verhaegen, CTO at Magaya. “To exceed our customer’s expectations, we recognized the need to bolster our platform’s performance with a swifter trajectory than the one we were on. Optimizing our software and technology infrastructure with these added dollars will enable seamless user experiences while escalating the value our customers gain from our software solutions.”

The enhancements to Magaya’s platform are rolling out over the coming months using a diligent approach to avoid disruptions for users. For more information, visit .

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