Magaya Corporation Launches Dimensioner Augmented Reality App in a Virtual Event

Oct 13, 2020 | Press Release

Miami, FL – October 13, 2020 – Magaya Corporation has launched a first-of-its-kind augmented reality (AR) app to showcase its warehouse automation tool, the Magaya Dimensioner. Available as a free download on the Apple App Store® or Google Play®, the Dimensioner AR app enables users to easily visualize and interact with the Dimensioner in their own warehouse space.

The Dimensioner is a warehouse automation tool that captures accurate dimensions of parcels, pallets, or cargo in an instant. Customers have reported recouping $40 of lost revenue on average for every pallet by recording maximum dimensions accurately with Dimensioner, plus saving 3 minutes in increased efficiency, delivering a swift return on investment.

With the Dimensioner AR app, users can place a Dimensioner in their own space virtually, viewing it from all angles and trying its various functions in an immersive digital experience. The app includes two simulations, one for parcels and one for pallets. Within the app, users can run a virtual simulation to see how the Dimensioner measures and weighs items, takes photos, and transfers the data instantaneously to the Magaya system. Users can also input their own data into an ROI calculator to discover how much money they could be saving with a Dimensioner in their warehouse.

“The Dimensioner AR app was born out of a desire to quickly and easily introduce a great many more companies to the remarkable cost-saving benefits of the Dimensioner,” said Marie Etzler, Director of Technical and Educational Documentation. “When users see the hardware and equipment in their own space, it’s much easier to understand what the Dimensioner is and how it works. With the AR app, users can visualize it in their warehouse and see firsthand how it can improve their business.”

To showcase the new app and show a demo of the Dimensioner, Magaya hosted a virtual event on Wednesday, October 21. Watch the recording now to get the same experience as our guests during the live event of the Dimensioner in action and see how the device can capture accurate dimensions within five seconds or less. Then get immersed in the world of AR.

“The Magaya Dimensioner provides businesses with an efficient way to generate revenue, while also saving time in their warehouse,” said Gabriel Ruz, co-founder of Magaya Corporation. “The reaction our customers have after installing a Dimensioner is consistent: they tell me that they wish they had done it sooner, and they’re truly awestruck at the cost savings from accurate measurements and the transformative effect it has had on warehouse productivity.”


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