Nakama Worldwide Solutions Completes Successful Go-Live with Magaya

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Press Release

Miami, FL – March 15, 2022 – Magaya Corporation, the leading provider of end-to-end logistics and supply chain software, is pleased to announce the successful Go-Live for Nakama Worldwide Solutions.

Nakama Worldwide is a freight forwarder providing customized logistics solutions and personalized service for its clients. Specializing in import and export by air, sea, and land, Nakama facilitates the movement of cargo across borders throughout Central America and Mexico. With a 3000 square meter storage facility and offices in Panama City and the Colon Free Zone, Nakama’s team of professionals assists clients in planning the fastest, most cost-effective transport for their cargo.

When starting their business, partners Rosangela “Rosy” Diaz and Julio Gonzalez knew they needed a state-of-the-art logistics and warehouse management solution. There were numerous challenges in launching a new company and establishing a solid technology foundation was crucial.  With more than 20 years of combined industry experience, the team understood the value of an efficient, connected, and collaborative workplace and after conducting a thorough search, Nakama selected Magaya as its logistics and warehouse software solution.

“Although I had previous experience with Magaya, we wanted to be 100% sure,” said co-founder Rosy Diaz. “After comparing various technology providers there was no doubt; Magaya offered the financial tools, warehouse features, and end-to-end control we needed. Since going live, Magaya has become the driving force behind our business, with the functionality we need now and for the future as we scale the business as Nakama expands.”

Magaya Supply Chain has established a solid technology foundation for Nakama. The functionality for operations, accounting, tracking, and warehouse management provides a seamless exchange of data in real-time, enabling control of bookings, pick-up orders, warehouse receipts, shipments, and invoices. By running the business from a single solution in the cloud, Nakama has a connected, collaborative, and transparent workplace. With staff efficiency being a high priority, Nakama benefits from the ability to easily share data and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Nakama uses Dimensioner by Magaya, a warehouse automation device to weigh, measure, and photograph cargo from every side and automatically add the information to the corresponding transaction within the Magaya system. With Dimensioner’s speed and precision, Nakama saves time, money, and labor when receiving cargo, and generates accurate billing based on data rather than estimates; valuable benefits for a company in its infancy.

The LiveTrack by Magaya app gives Nakama’s customers direct access to cargo releases, warehouse receipts, shipment statuses, inventory quantities, and invoices 24 hours a day on their mobile device. With real-time visibility, clients have greater peace of mind and require less assistance from Nakama’s customer support team, freeing up their valuable time for other projects.

Binder by Magaya enables the Nakama team to take photos of arriving cargo, packages, and barcode labels, and upload them directly from a smartphone to existing Magaya transactions, giving customers visual proof of the condition of their cargo. 

“Magaya has played an important role in the launch of Nakama and we’re thrilled to support entrepreneurs, Rosy and Julio, as they build their new venture,” commented Magaya Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Buman. “Magaya Supply Chain and its collection of apps and extensions have helped Nakama establish a solid foundation and maintain a competitive advantage from day one. Plus, the Nakama team can depend on Magaya’s outstanding support to service their needs as they continue to expand.”


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About Nakama

The Japanese word for best friend, Nakama was selected as the name of the new company formed by partners Julio Gonzalez and Rosangela Diaz. Conveying the sentiment of friendship and camaraderie was important to the company’s founders who place a high priority on quality, personal service, and excellence. Nakama is known for providing competitive pricing on multi-modal import and export services throughout Mexico and Central America and plans to expand into the US market in the near future.