Navigating the US-Mexico Trade Surge: The Role of Modern WMS in Laredo’s Growth

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Editor’s note: This article was contributed by Lucero Sarabia, Managing Director at Panacea Strategy, a Magaya strategic partner based in Laredo, Texas. 

The current US-Mexico trade boom is creating exciting opportunities for logistics service providers – freight forwarders, warehouse operators, and others – that can quickly scale to meet a massive spike in demand. In rapidly growing border cities like Laredo, Texas, warehouse operators have an immediate need for innovative solutions to handle increasing market demands. In the competitive field of freight forwarding, for example, using a modern Warehouse Management System (WMS) that works seamlessly with other systems for cross-border shipping is essential for improving efficiency and accuracy in warehouse operations. 


FreightWaves recently reported that “as U.S.-Mexico trade continues to expand, Ryder System has opened a 228,000-square-foot logistics warehouse and cross-dock facility in Laredo, Texas.” A few months prior, top 10 global freight forwarder C.H. Robinson announced that it had opened a new, 400,000-square-foot logistics facility in Laredo, expanding its presence along the border of Mexico to 1.5 million square feet. The case of these logistics companies in Laredo, capitalizing on the cross-border boom, illustrates the critical importance of having a robust, scalable, and adaptable technology foundation in place. For instance, an integrated WMS that seamlessly connects cargo in storage with inbound and outbound shipping milestones enables faster cargo movement and elevated warehouse productivity with reduced errors.

When growing businesses fail to have modern WMS in place, or are not using the technology to its fullest, it becomes increasingly challenging to adjust to increased inventory and logistical complexity. Other signs that a warehouse management system is needed include frequent inventory inaccuracies, leading to stockouts or overstocking. If a warehouse is experiencing slow order fulfillment times or a high rate of order errors, a WMS can help streamline processes. Difficulty in tracking real-time inventory and a lack of integration with other systems can also signal that it’s time to implement a WMS.

Adopting Magaya’s WMS would not only facilitate the integration of new operations and effective management of cross-border logistics but also enhance its ability to respond agilely to market demands, improving inventory accuracy and order processing efficiency.

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Magaya WMS: A Unique Solution for Logistics Service Providers

Magaya stands out as a leader in warehouse management technology and has the capability to offer tailored solutions for companies in growing cities like Laredo. With its advanced WMS, built into Magaya Supply Chain, Magaya helps businesses face the challenges that often accompany growth, providing important capabilities that include real-time inventory visibility, storage space optimization, and process automation.

Magaya differentiates its WMS solution by focusing primarily on the unique needs of the freight forwarding and 3PL markets. Magaya Supply Chain is a core component of the broader Digital Freight Platform, which encompasses solutions for international shipping, customs compliance, PO management, shipment tracking and visibility, CRM, freight rate management, and a customer portal for full visibility to the BCOs. This unified approach provides key stakeholders with visibility not only at the warehouse level, but before and after the cargo enters the warehouse. What’s more, cargo consolidation and deconsolidation workflows are seamless and unified, as compared to using a TMS or supply chain execution software with a separate WMS.

Magaya Supply Chain simplifies complex workflows between warehousing and shipping, enabling direct loading into outbound shipments, which maximizes time efficiency and productivity. The platform also facilitates efficient put-away and picking operations through a directed operations sequence, ensuring that cargo handling is both swift and accurate.

Additionally, Magaya Supply Chain excels in real-time communication, allowing businesses to send tracking numbers and inventory updates instantly as orders are shipped. This capability ensures fast fulfillment and complete transparency, features that are increasingly demanded by customers today.

In summary, Magaya Supply Chain empowers warehouse operators with a unified platform that delivers the visibility, automation, and capabilities needed to streamline warehouse operations, elevate data accuracy, boost efficiency, and slash costs. This provides businesses in the logistics and freight forwarding sectors with a substantial competitive edge.

These functions address the growing complexity of the supply chain, particularly along the US-Mexico border,  providing companies with the tools to stay competitive and agile in today’s market. Magaya offers companies in growing cities like Laredo the technology they need to effectively manage and scale their warehouse operations. Without an appropriate WMS, uncontrolled growth can, in fact, turn out to be an insurmountable obstacle. With Magaya, companies can grow confidently and face future logistical challenges smoothly.

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