OL USA offer clients fast rates and self-service platform through new Catapult QMS rate management deal

Jun 2, 2020 | Press Release

Miami, FL – June 2, 2020 –  Catapult Powered by Magaya announced today that OL USA, has selected Catapult’s multi-modal QMS™ rates platform and digital forwarder solutions, along with Catapult’s market leading contract management services in a multi-year agreement. OL USA now offer individualized solutions to their customers in a branded customer facing platform, and state of the art quoting capabilities to their sales team using Catapult solutions.

“We have invested heavily in technology that gives shippers more visibility and control over their business, offering immediate and easily accessible rate quotes is a key aspect to a comprehensive end-to-end solution,” said Carrie Dollear, Pricing Director of OL USA. “QMS white label was a great fit, OL USA develops individualized solutions for our clients, and by using Catapult’s customer facing platform, our ability has been enhanced in both scope and speed. The quote module is by far the quickest I have seen. QMS is not only a rate database provider, they also provide the analytics needed from a pricing and procurement standpoint to optimize contract negotiations.”

Speaking about the recent implementation she added “Everyone at Catapult has been very helpful. They have a very knowledgeable staff and really take the time to make sure that any questions are answered. The implementation process was streamlined and very organized.”

Virgil Ferreira CEO of Catapult Powered by Magaya said “we’re proud to welcome OL USA to the Catapult family, it has been a pleasure making their customer-first vision of an online solution a reality, the feedback has been really positive. It’s great to see OL USA using our technology as a new way to provide exceptional service to their clients”

About OL

OL USA is one of the fastest-growing bonded NVOCCs in the world and has service contracts with the highest-rated ocean carriers. Through our integrated network of agents across the globe, we have a presence in all of the major trade and business centers. Working with importers, exporters, and freight forwarders, we are able to move their goods and provide door-to-door service worldwide. OL USA offers our clients a single-source experience from beginning to end, along with the technology to handle today’s globalized market. Learn more at ol-usa.com

About Catapult Powered by Magaya

Catapult Powered by Magaya provides technology-enabled solutions for freight forwarders, shippers, and carriers worldwide. As part of the Magaya Ecosystem, Catapult Rate Management joins Magaya Supply Chain and ACELYNK ABI to deliver flexible, interoperable, modular solutions that can be used independently or together as an integrated end-to-end logistics software platform. Managing over 1 billion cargo rates with over 99 percent accuracy, Catapult combines air, ocean, and ground rate contracts into one simple cloud-based rate management system. This enables operations and sales departments to get their best carrier rate efficiently from point A to point B with dramatic improvements. Catapult QMS focuses on a flexible, fast, and accurate quoting experience in the most feature-rich rate management platform in the market.