Our Top Takeaways from Manifest 2024

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The Magaya team had a memorable, energizing, and fun time at Manifest! 

From the steady stream of booth visitors keeping us engaged with meaningful conversation, to Gustavo Gomez serving up more than just his extensive logistics technology wisdom at the crepe station, and the many thought-provoking sessions and events we got to attend (and speak at: we’re looking at you, Morgan Hill)… it’s safe to say that we made the most out of every minute at Manifest 2024.

What did you learn at Manifest? Here are our top takeaways from this year’s event:

Resilience is a Concern Across the Board

It comes as no surprise that the Red Sea crisis came up in many of the talks and conversations. Its effects on rates and routes has everyone keeping a close eye and brought supply chain resilience into the spotlight. Elliott Rodgers, EVP & COO Foot Locker summarized it perfectly, saying, “volatility is the new normal.” We could not agee more!

Visibility Remains a Top Priority

Visibility goes hand in hand with resilience, so it makes sense that this topic was, once again, a hot one. With shipping delays caused by re-routing and other issues, shippers and their logistics partners need to stay informed. “You can’t proactively prepare when you can’t see what’s happening,” said Victoria Cuthbert, Chief Supply Chain Product Officer for Unilever Personal Care.

Leaders are Looking For Ways to Make Data Actionable

As we lean into digitization and embrace its many benefits, logistics systems are collecting more data than ever. Leaders are now seeking ways to get data out of dark silos and bring it to life. When data is made actionable, better strategic decisions can be made.

Customer Experience is Taking Center Stage

Customers expect more. From the shipper customer to the end consumer, everyone expects seamless experiences, fast answers, and easy access to information. As technology makes our everyday lives easier, we expect the same level of convenience from logistics partners.

Interoperability is Important

It was clear that this year’s Manifest attendees are no longer simply looking for features and functionality when considering new logtech solutions. High on the list of importance was ensuring that any new software brought into their infrastructure is seamlessly  interoperable, and can connect easily with other applications.

AI Holds Exciting Possibilities

Despite being a hot topic in many of the sessions and at lots of booths, it’s clear that AI, in practice, is still in its early stages when it comes to supply chains. Every year, more vendors are bringing AI-powered solutions to the forefront with exciting case studies, and 2024 was no exception.

What was your top moment at Manifest? Did anything surprise you?

Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by the Magaya booth! We hope to see you at the next event!

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