Support Services

Magaya Products Support Services (includes any other Magaya product not explicitly mentioned below)

1. Description of Support Service Levels
The following are the various tiers of Support Service generally offered to Customers:

i. “Tier I” Support Service means accepting the initial request for assistance from the Customer.
ii. “Tier II(a)” Support Service means providing internet and telephone support for Customers in operation of the Software, including providing functional clarifications to identify possible defects in the Software; primary support for answer routine questions regarding usage of the Software; and interfacing with the Tier II(b) Support Service provider to accurately define and document the results of the Customer’s incident.
iii. “Tier II(b)” Support Service means providing backup Support Service to the Tier II(a) Support Service provider for complex or unique issues regarding the Software, including reproducing the defect in a standard “out of the box” Software environment and providing the technical expertise necessary to assist Customers with troubleshooting the Customer’s environment (i.e. the Customer’s applicable operating and database system, etc.) as it relates to usage of the Software.
iv. “Tier III” Support Service means debugging and correcting any errors or defects in the Software and maintaining source code of the Software to the highest release level of the Software.

2. Support Service Standards
The Support Service provider shall adhere to the following standards:

(a) Description of Incident Severity Levels
The general definition of an incident is a single, reproducible issue, problem or symptom. Incidents are assigned a severity level. The severity level establishes the priority of the incident and it’s set by the Magaya Tier I representative based on initial communication from Customer. Priority attention is given to the incident based on its severity. There are four (4) levels of incident severity.

Severity Level Description Examples
1 Down/Inoperable/Security The Software is inoperable. A major application failure has occurred or data integrity issues exist, and business processes are halted. There is no workaround available. A possible security incident involving a Magaya product has occurred.
2 High A critical business process is impaired, causing a serious disruption of a major business function. It is causing serious impact on daily functions or processing, and there is no acceptable workaround. The workaround is unacceptable if one or more of the following are true:
–  Customer must reallocate and/or add staff to accomplish the workaround
–  Workaround does not address the complete problem
3 Medium Non-critical problems occur with the Software, but the Customer can run the Software, and there is an acceptable workaround for the problem.
4 Low An inquiry and/or low system impact issue which does not require immediate attention. This includes cosmetic issues on screens or a request for information regarding the use of the Software.

(b) Description of Response Targets
Incidents are responded to when Customer initially logs the problem. The response targets are calculated as the time difference between each update Customer makes to the incident and corresponding response. Customer is responsible for logging the incident via phone, email or PageOne. The response targets assume regular business hours.

Severity Level Communication Method Response Target
Severity 1
Call Magaya Support Average waiting time: 5 minutes
Max waiting time: 1 hour
Severity 2
Call Magaya Support Average waiting time: 5 minutes
Max waiting time: 1 hour
Severity 3
PageOne, Email, Call Within 1 business day
Severity 4
PageOne, Email, Call Within 1 business day

(c) Description of Resolution Targets
Resolution targets are calculated as the difference between the time the incident is logged and the time the solution is provided and the incident is closed. The resolution to the incident can be an answer to a question, an acceptable workaround, an existing code correction, or a new code
correction. The resolution targets are based on the severity level of the incident and are defined below.
Tier I Support resolves 90% of all incidents within 1 day.
Tier II and III Support resolution follows the schedule below:

Severity Level Resolution Target
Severity 1
1-2 business days

Severity 2


30 business days
Severity 3
High priority ones within 60 business days
Severity 4
To be mutually agreed upon

(d) Standard Support Business Hours and Contact Information
The Support Department is available Monday – Friday from 7 AM until 8 PM and Saturday from 8 AM until 12 PM (Eastern Time). Technical Support can be reached by phone +1 (786) 845-9150, email or through the software on Page One. All calls are answered in the order they are received. All other requests through email and Page One are answered within 1 business day.
During U.S. holidays, we will have limited staff, so response time may be longer. While we have contingency plans for storms or situations beyond our control, this may also lead to delayed response time.

(e) Magaya On Call (24/7/365 Support)
Magaya will also provide 24/7/365 support. The cost of this service is US $250 per hour unless the Customer has selected this level of support as part of their contract, at which point it is included within the monthly subscription fees. To receive after-hours support, Customer must call the number above (emails or other methods will not be reviewed after-hours). If the call is received after-hours, customer will hear a message explaining the costs for the call. The caller will have the opportunity to confirm before proceeding and incurring any charges. The Customer agrees to pay any charges incurred by any of their employees or other entity on their behalf.

Magaya Cloud Access – Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Magaya Corporation commits to provide 99.5% uptime to the Customer’s Magaya Cloud Access during each calendar quarter, excluding Permitted Downtime. Permitted Downtime means (1) unavailability caused by scheduled maintenance or a suspension of Magaya’s Cloud Access; (2) unavailability caused by Customer’s content related other than to scalability or volume; (3) unavailability caused by acts or omissions of Customer or agents of Customer; (4) unavailability caused by the failure of servers or Magaya’s Cloud Access outside of a datacenter on which the Magaya’s Cloud Access are dependent, including, but not limited to, inaccessibility on the Internet that is not caused by Magaya; (5) unavailability caused by Magaya’s blocking of content that Magaya determines to be in violation of the Agreement between Magaya or the policies and terms of Magaya; (6) unavailability caused by hardware downtime for hardware not hosted in Magaya’s datacenters (7) unavailability caused by a force majeure such as an act of God, act of war, act of terrorism, fire, governmental action, labor dispute and any other circumstances or events not in Magaya’s reasonable control; (8) unavailability caused by a third party denial of service attack or unauthorized access or hacking; (9) unavailability caused by Customer’s failure to meet the terms and conditions of the Agreement; (10) Downtime not reported by Customer within thirty (30) days of the day the Permitted Downtime first began; (11) time required to format or reformat disks or a RAID array; (12) time required to load, reload, configure or reconfigure software; or (13) time required to restore from backup.

Scheduled Maintenance
Magaya Corporation will perform scheduled maintenance once per calendar month on a Saturday at 10 PM EST, and it will last no longer than 2 hours. This maintenance will include installing updates to the Magaya Software.

Other scheduled maintenance may be required and will be communicated at least 3 business days in advance. Every effort will be made to coordinate this type of maintenance with the Customer to minimize the impact to the business.

The Software may require an update to receive new features or to fix an issue. These updates are automatically programmed during the regularly scheduled monthly maintenance. However, if the update is to fix a specific Customer’s issue, Customer will be contacted to schedule the update. If the Customer elects to have this update applied during their normal business hours, it will not count as downtime.

Magaya may amend this SLA in its sole discretion after providing 30 days advance notice. An email to the main contact in the Magaya Signup Sheet will service as notice. 

Customs Compliance (Previously ACELYNK) Products Support Services

1. Interruptions in Services. Magaya will use reasonable commercial efforts to provide 99.9% availability of the Services calculated on a monthly basis. The Services may be interrupted due to:

a. Hardware failure;
b. Connection failure between the server hosting Magaya Customs Compliance (previously ACELYNK) and the closest Internet router;
c. Planned maintenance performed outside of Magaya’s normal business hours, which are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and with at least 24 hours advanced notice;
d. Unscheduled maintenance at any time to address Critical Problems and Major Problems (as defined below).

2. Customer Support. Magaya will use reasonable commercial efforts to provide customer support as follows:

a. Critical Problems. “Critical Problems” are those that impede or prevent timely filing of documents that have filing deadlines of 24 hours or fewer. Support for Critical Problems is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. 95% of tickets will be responded to within two (2) hours. Example of a Critical Problem: a broker or importer is unable to submit its entry to CBP because of system issues.
b. Major Problems. “Major Problems” are those that impede or prevent filing of documents that have filing deadlines of more than 24 hours. Support for Major Problems is provided during Normal Business Hours. 85% of tickets will be responded to within four (4) business hours.
c. Minor Problems. “Minor Problems” include all other issues, problems and inquiries. Support for Minor Problems is provided during Normal Business Hours. 60% of tickets will be responded to within four (4) business hours.

3. Support Business Hours

a. Standard support hours are Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm EST. Support can be reached by submitting an online support ticket on the Magaya Customs Compliance (previously ACELYNK) Support Portal accessible from within the software. During U.S. holidays, we will have limited staff, so response time may be longer.
b. Technical Support for Critical Problems is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Technical Support can be reached by submitting an online support ticket on the Magaya Customs Compliance (previously ACELYNK) Support Portal accessible from within the software.

4. Contact Support

a. To open a support case, please log into the support portal.  If you don’t have access, please contact your Customer Success Manager to request it.  You may also send an email to

Rate Management (Previously Catapult) Products Support Services

Help Desk Hours

Rate Management (Previously Catapult) Tier 1 & 2 Magaya shall provide operators to receive calls and answer emails from Client for the purpose of reporting Errors. Standard support hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in each of North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America time zones, excluding holidays through the Global Support Help Desk which is located in Cebu, Philippines.

Rate Management (Previously Catapult) Tier 3 To be handled by Magaya’s North American engineering team, available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST, excluding holidays. For all support requests, please contact our Tier 1, global support group and issues will be escalated as necessary.


Immediately upon identifying a system error or receiving notice from Client of an error, Magaya will respond by taking action to provide each of the first, second, and third steps with the results and timeline stipulated below.
Response time will be measured from the time that Magaya receives an error report from Client and all required documentation has been received.

1st Step: Email confirmation of receipt to client for reported error. Provided by our Tier 1 support

2nd Step: Patch, work around, or temporary fix put in place. Provided by our Tier 2 support

3rd Step: Official fix, including applicable documentation, provided to Client. Provided by our Tier 3 support

Severity Levels and Response Times

Severity Level Definition Response Time
1st Step (Tier 1) 2nd Step (Tier 2) 3rd Step (Tier 3)
1 A Magaya caused error that causes an enterprise-wide failure making the Application Services unusable including unexpected interruption downtime. 1 hour Continued effort until relief achieved but no longer than 1 business day  15 business days
2 A Magaya caused error that prohibits the use of a feature of the Application Services resulting in a critical loss of functionality. 4 hours  2 business days 30 business days
3 A Magaya caused error that prohibits the use of a feature of the Application Services resulting non-critical loss of functionality; this level shall also include responses to general system usage. 1 business day  14 business days 60 business days

Maintenance Table

Maintenance Type Service Description Period Time Zone System
Regular Maintenance Code deployment Code deployment 30-60 minutes Mondays at 7:00 PM CST No
Planned Maintenance Server maintenance, patches, and updates Routine Server Maintenance 1-6 Hours Outside of normal business hours, CST No


To open a support case, please send an email to

Rate Management (Previously Catapult) Contract Management Full-Service SLA

Data Entry Accuracy
Magaya will accurately input all of Client’s ocean carrier rate and related data into the Application Services. Magaya commits to a 99.7% accuracy rate for data entry involving the Application Services. Data entry accuracy will be calculated per calendar month as follows:
total cells entered accurately
data accuracy rate = ————————————–
total cells entered

Turnaround Time
Magaya Contract Management Services shall use its best efforts to average a turnaround time of 24 hours on a monthly basis. The 24-hour period will start upon receipt of the contract or amendment during working hours. Working hours refers to the standard business days and hours specified below, or other mutually agreed working hours specified in the contract. The 24-hour period will start the next working morning for any contract received outside the working hours.

Customer agrees to the following conditions:

  • All contracts and amendments must be uploaded directly through QMS (no emails)
  • Only one amendment per contract uploaded per day (customer should send amendments as they are signed and not multiple amendments at once)
  • All amendments must be uploaded in proper sequence without any missing amendments
  • Format must be consistent and not changed between amendments (image formats are not acceptable)
  • All information must be complete (no missing boiler plates, ports, commodities, dates, surcharges, etc.)
  • All contracts and amendments must be in English

Standard business days and hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5 PM PHT (excluding holidays).

Average turnaround time includes contracts and amendments processed through the Digital Contract Exchange (DCX).

This standard SLA applies to new full-service customers signed after 5/1/2021 unless explicitly expressed in the contract. Previous customers, please refer to your SLA.


Report a Security Incident (applies to all Magaya products)

In the case a security incident is suspected, please contact us immediately by phone +1 (786) 845-9150 and dial “1” for Support.