What’s New in Magaya Supply Chain V11.5.5?

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At Magaya, we’re always making updates and improvements to our software, empowering logistics service providers to use the latest technological innovations. We work closely with our customers and partners to add the features that really matter, helping you maximize efficiency, lower costs, and improve customer service while becoming more agile and resilient. 

Attachment Configuration

The new attachment configuration section for attachments allows users with sufficient privileges (either admins or role-enabled permissions) to configure default settings for attachments, keeping media more organized and secure. Certain attachments can be made visible to or hidden from customers. 

Profit Reports Role

You can now assign the Run Profit Report role to employees who need access to Profit Reports but do not need all of the functions of other roles such as Accountant, providing greater flexibility, security, and control.

Bill Credits Role

You can now assign the Create Bill Credits, Modify Bill Credits, and Delete Bill Credits roles to employees who need access to Bill Credits but do not need all of the functions of other roles such as Accountant.

More Info Tab

The Custom Fields tab in operations, transactions, and entities has been renamed to More Info so that it is in line with the correct terminology used by system administrators who are the primary users of this field.

New Shipments Fields for AMS Query

Shipments now include the “Documentation Cut-off Date” in the General tab and “AMS Waybill” field in the Routing tab, making the information you need for compliance readily accessible.

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