What’s new with the Magaya Digital Freight Portal? Warehouse visibility, invoices, and more!

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You asked for more warehouse and accounting functionality in the Magaya Digital Freight Portal, and we delivered! That’s right, a lot of our best ideas come from you, our customers, so thank you so much for your precious feedback. Together, we’re making waves in the industry and helping more shippers move cargo around the world efficiently and with a better freight customer experience. 

With the Magaya Digital Freight Portal, even the most traditional forwarder can get quickly established with a branded digital presence on the web to deliver the transparency, control, and ease of use that modern, tech-savvy shipper customers have come to expect. 

At Magaya, we’re always looking for ways to help our logistics service provider customers use technology to accelerate growth, so we’re excited to announce some awesome new features in the Magaya Digital Freight Portal. Here’s what’s new in the latest release!

New Magaya Digital Freight Portal Features at a Glance:

  • Warehouse Visibility
  • Payments and Invoicing
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Quote Expiration Leeway
  • Customizable Milestone Mapping
  • Historical Data Sync
  • Master Shipment Visibility

Warehouse Visibility

When you use the Magaya Digital Freight Portal together with Magaya Supply Chain, you and your customers will now benefit from enhanced visibility into warehouse inventory. Everyone will appreciate the time savings by avoiding emails and phone calls about inventory, warehouse receipts, cargo releases, pickup orders, and more.

Your customers can even filter and create detailed pickup order, warehouse receipt, cargo release and inventory reports that can be saved or downloaded via Excel. Users can also leverage the important cargo detail report to search by part number and filter by PO number, invoice number, status, etc.

This information is also available in the LiveTrack Mobile App by Magaya, so your customers can access the information they need, from anywhere, and from the device of their choosing.

Online Freight Payments with Veem

Payments and Invoicing

We all appreciate the convenience of paying for purchases online: it’s become ingrained in our everyday routines. So, it’s only natural that your customers now want that convenience with their freight transactions. Now, when your customers open an invoice in the Digital Freight Portal, they not only have a convenient way to review the related transaction from the invoice and vice versa, but they can also pay their invoice on the fly.

With Veem, your customers will now enjoy a flexible, affordable, and easy way to pay online. You’ll also benefit from a streamlined invoicing workflow, saving you time. When you use the Magaya Digital Freight Portal with Magaya Supply Chain, your customers can pay you right from within the portal using Veem, which accepts credit card or ACH payments from several countries and in multiple currencies. Their payments are even linked to the invoice in Magaya Supply Chain automatically, keeping you organized and efficient!

Dashboard Customization

If you’re not quite ready to use the schedule, quoting and booking features of the Magaya Digital Freight Portal but you want to offer your customers online tracking and visibility, for example, you can now customize the tabs on the main page of your portal to default to sign in to the dashboard instead of the quoting page.

Quote Expiration Leeway

We get it, things don’t always go according to plan. You can now determine the number of days where expired quotes can still be used to book a shipment. The user will be prompted with a notification that a rate change may apply.

Customizable Milestone Mapping

You can now easily map Magaya Supply Chain shipment events with your Digital Freight Portal milestones, creating rules that will dictate which Magaya Shipment Events should trigger a Digital Freight Portal Milestone – including those that should be setup as generic to avoid triggering a milestone in the Digital Frieght Portal but still add the events into the tracking tab in the Shipment with the Portal.  This back-end feature will save you precious setup time and makes it easier for even non-technical users to configure mappings so that the system performs exactly the way you want to do business.

Historical Data Sync

Transactions from the previous 90 days in Magaya Supply Chain are now available in the Digital Freight Portal. No setup or configuration is needed: this happens automatically! It doesn’t get easier than that.

Master Shipment Visibility

Your agents can now view master shipments within the Magaya Digital Freight Portal. No more switching logins for different customers, saving you time and putting all required information in one place.

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