Exterior Logistics Selects All-in-One Platform from Magaya to Accelerate Growth

Sep 13, 2021 | Press Release

Miami, FL – September 13, 2021 – Magaya Corporation, the leading provider of end-to-end logistics and supply chain automation software, today announced that Exterior Logistics has selected Magaya to automate and optimize its business operations and facilitate future growth.

More than just a customs agency, Exterior Logistics provides a full range of services to synchronize and accelerate the clearance of goods, generating value for clients at a crucial point in the supply chain. As experts in customs management for companies within the IMMEX program, Exterior serves a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, and e-commerce, to improve inventory control and streamline filing and compliance. With more than 25 years of experience and ANACE certified staff, Exterior has the knowledge required to service clients efficiently, eliminate obstacles from the free movement of products, and facilitate foreign trade.

Recognizing the need to create greater efficiencies where possible, Exterior was seeking a logistics and supply chain technology provider to make improvements in several areas. Company CEO, Miguel Olvera, knew that a lack of connectivity was causing processes to be duplicated and productivity to decline. He also realized that the business would benefit from smoother workflows, better organization, and more sophisticated automation in the warehouse. In addition, Exterior’s customer base was growing and the demand for real-time visibility into shipment statuses was becoming an issue. After conducting a thorough search for the most sophisticated software platform to address these needs, Exterior chose Magaya Supply Chain, along with Flow WMS, Binder, and LiveTrack.

“After researching a variety of solutions in the marketplace we found there was simply no comparison; Magaya was superior in support, technology, and responsiveness,” said Mr. Olvera. “Plus, Magaya was strongly recommended by a trusted colleague who was achieving consistent, verifiable results and ROI. We’re confident that the Magaya platform will provide better management of everything from accounting to shipments, and help us enjoy greater growth and success from a more collaborative, optimized, and productive environment.”

Magaya Supply Chain will establish a solid technology foundation for Exterior, improving connectivity between departments and locations, and eliminating silos. The solution’s functionality for operations, accounting, tracking, and warehouse management will provide Exterior with seamless exchange of data in real-time, enabling better control of bookings, pick-up orders, warehouse receipts, shipments, and invoices all from a single platform in the cloud.

With LiveTrack by Magaya, Exterior’s clients will have access to real-time tracking, shipment statuses, and automatic updates. Not only will this improve Exterior’s customer service, but it will also free up time for Exterior employees, allowing them to be more productive in other areas.

Flow WMS by Magaya, the mobile app for iOS and Android devices, works seamlessly with the Magaya system, delivering visibility, and increasing warehouse efficiency. By capturing photos, scanning barcodes, and uploading the info into the Magaya system, Flow WMS will give Exterior better warehouse organization and inventory management.

“It isn’t surprising that Exterior’s vetting process, along with the recommendation of a successful Magaya customer, led them to select Magaya as their preferred technology partner,” says Magaya CRO, Mark Buman. “We look forward to a collaborative partnership and are excited to help Exterior Logistics scale as they grow their business.”


About Magaya

Magaya Corporation develops the leading platform in logistics and supply chain automation. The Magaya Ecosystem – consisting of Magaya Supply Chain and its collection of value-added apps and extensions, ACELYNK ABI, and Catapult Rate Management – delivers flexible, interoperable, modular solutions for the supply chain industry. Whether used together as an integrated logistics software platform or independently, Magaya solutions are designed to enable businesses of all sizes to streamline complex and redundant processes, optimize productivity, reduce costs, and grow revenue. At Magaya, we are passionately devoted to ensuring our customers’ success through our innovative solutions and comprehensive array of related professional services. We take great pride in our people, experts in the field of logistics automation, who are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. Visit magaya.com to learn more.


About Exterior Logistics

With more than 25 years in business and locations in Laredo, Texas and Guadalajara, Mexico, Exterior Logistics is a major player in the industrial sectors that drive Mexico’s and the world’s economies. The company’s goal is to optimize supply chain and export programs for its clients, and streamline processes at the most critical point, customs. With specialized expertise in IMMEX and foreign trade regulations, Exterior has the unique skill set needed to provide customs clearance, special operations, and consulting for a growing customer base in the ecommerce, automotive, and aerospace industries.