Infographic: Best Practices for Small Parcel Handling

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The e-commerce boom has created a tremendous opportunity for freight forwarders to capitalize on the increase in small package shipments and consolidations. But handling high volumes of small parcels can be costly if not done right. Thankfully, there are solutions available to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and speed for small package handling. Here’s what you need to know. 

New Small Parcel Handling Course for Magaya Supply Chain Users Now Available Via PageOne

Looking to start or to optimize a small parcel or courier operation? Many of our customers have taken advantage of the software and hardware Magaya offers to boost package handling volume, increase revenues, and improve service for their customers.

For a quick overview of the process, check out the newly updated Small Parcel e-learning course. From your Magaya Supply Chain software, go to Page One (the welcome screen), and click the Learn Magaya Software button.

This quick course presents a best practices workflow to set up and run a small package handling operation. You’ll learn how some of our customers are using Magaya to handle small parcels, and actionable strategies you can put into place to better manage small parcel receiving consolidation, shipping, and delivery using Magaya software.

The updated course includes a:
• Simplified workflow
• New video showing this workflow in action at a real Magaya customer site
• Interactive elements that explain how a small parcel operation can be optimized using Magaya
• Links to technical documentation related to small parcel operations
• The best practices infographic you can preview below:


Small Parcel Handling Best Practices Infographic

Best Practices for Small Parcel Handling



  • Scan carrier label and trigger the Dimensioner with Flow WMS to capture dimensions and photos
  • Create Warehouse Receipt in the Magaya system with no shipment or consignee; the Magaya system maintains the list of packages
  • Send notice to consignee with Transaction Tracking, alerting them the package has arrived


  • Open the package (optional)
  • Photograph contents with Binder
  • Repack package and pass it along



  • Match each package to the list and create a Cargo Release
  • Add info for item description, shipper,
    and consignee
  • Choose your courier with the Courier Shipping Extension; ship with FedEx, DHL, UPS, or USPS
  • Access your own rates from the drop-down without having to import them or retrieve them from another program
  • Print a label from the Courier Shipping Extension and attach to package


Simplify Shipping

  • Consolidate packages and ship out with Magaya shipment tools including the Courier Shipping extension
  • Update the destination office via the Magaya Network
  • Track your parcel shipment events automatically when using Courier Shipping extension, your customer will see them in the LiveTrack App by Magaya


Deliver Your Way

  • Manage release, payment, and delivery with Magaya tools
  • Alert your customers when their shipment has arrived with the LiveTrack App by Magaya

Key Tools for Success


Check out the e-learning module today on Page One or contact your Magaya Customer Success Manager today for questions.

Ready to digitize and modernize your small package handling operations?

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